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  1. Photoshoot by Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann: (https://nikolajthaningrentzmann.com/clara-rugaard)
  2. Photoshoots by Eric Ray Davidson From his website : https://eric-ray-davidson.format.com/7214999-home Various from Instagram: Together with Stormi Bree
  3. Photoshoots by Max Longmuir: (https://www.maxphotography.co.uk/portfolio)
  4. Clara in the Sky Original show "The Rising" (2022) Attending the premiere at the Berninale
  5. Claras Role in the spanish historical musical "El amor en su lugar" Aka. "Love Gets A Room" (2021) Attending the premiere:
  6. Attending the Sundance Film Festival with "I Am Mother" BTS Portaits
  7. Attending the "I Am Mother" Premiere event:
  8. Clara in Netflix original movie "I Am Mother" (2019) Trailer:
  9. Clara with a minor role in "Teen Spirit" (2018) And attending the premiere at Torronto Film Festival
  10. Claras supporting role in "Good Favor" (2017) Which she attended Toronto Film Festival with
  11. Clara in ABC's "Still Star-Crossed" (2017)
  12. Her Disney days that started it all.
  13. Clara Rugaard (born 5 December 1997) is a Danish actress and singer that started who debut in a danish family movie "Min Søsters Børn I Afrika" and quickly got picked up by Disney from dubbing & singing Danish versions of "Violetta" and "Vaiana to actually get a role in the show "The Lodge" which gave her a chance to persue a international acting career. That turned into leading roles of ABCs "Still Star-Crossed, a Netflix movie "I Am Mother", a Spanish Musical "Love Gets a Room" and most recently a sky original show "The Rising" Futhermore she has two upcoming movies "Press Play" a rom-com by Greg Björkman where she plays a young woman tries to save her boyfriend's life by using a mixtape that can transport her back in time, and "Marys Monster" where she plays Mary Shelley - Creator of frankenstein - alongside Kit Harrington that will play the Monster. She's definitely one to watch in the future! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clararugaard/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/clararugaard IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6140880/
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