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  1. He's been working on it for a couple of years now and guess it'll take some time. Though did browsing and so far confirmed 100 Great Danes Vol II: -Aiaphilou Frost -Bex Fagerholt -Camilla Forchhammer -Christina Wildbork -Christinna Hojholt -Elizabeth Zuschlag -Gertrud Hegelund -Ida Dyberg -Josefine Justesen -Josefine Kantoci -Josephine Berggreen -Louise Swedel -Marie Jedig -Mia Holdgaard -Philine Roepstorff -Sarah Bro -Wendy Juel -And Maja Krag again? Meanwhile it appears he's uploaded 1 page of each model on his site https://www.bjar
  2. After all this years it appears that a second book is in works, confirmed in a recent instagram post by the model Marie Jedig (she says so in the comments). It appears to be named "100 Nordic Girls" and shot by Bjarke Johansen again.
  3. Extra picture from Style Addict. She's proud of that piercing it seems.
  4. Time to revive this thread with a fresh beautiful shoot. Style Addict
  5. Hey Pith_Possum, are you still here? I was just curious if you have Sarah Grünewald
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