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  1. Shanina Shaik 10 - sounds like a witch Milou Sluis 9 - sounds like candy Chase Carter 8 - sounds like captain of the football team Gara Arias 7 - sounds like a tennis player Xian Mikol 6 - sounds like medicine Cindy Mello 5 Romi Frenkel 4 - sounds like a teen movie actress Daniella Beckerman 3 - sounds like a golfer Maya Stepper 2 Chiara Moreira 1
  2. 10 Simone Villas Boas Olivia Brower Clara McSweeney Gwen Van Meir Rest = idk Sienna Raine Eden Kannourakis Joana Sanz Bruna Lirio Lorena Haliti 1 Meredith Mickelson
  3. Charlie Austin Beauty 7 Even using google images, I literally can't recognize her from pic to pic. Sexiness 7 HFV 5 Mass Appeal 6 Likability 6 Cindy Mello Beauty 5 Sexiness 4 HFV 5 Mass Appeal 5 Likability 6 Elisabeth Giolito Beauty 5 Sexiness 6 HFV 6 Mass Appeal 5 Likability 6
  4. Barrett Taylor Sharpe Beauty 5 Sexiness 7 HFV 5 Mass Appeal 6 Likability 6 Celeste Bright Beauty 5 Sexiness 6 HFV 7 Mass Appeal 6 Likability 7 Cindy Kimberly Beauty 9 Sexiness 7 HFV 6 Mass Appeal 6 Likability 5
  5. 10 Anna Christina Schwartz Anastasiya Scheglova Sarah Stephens Zorana Kuzmanovic Kelsey Merritt Candice Swanepoel Sui He Effy Harvard Thylane Blondeau 1 Bella Hadid
  6. 10 Shiloh Malka Stella Maxwell Luma Grothe Jessica Lee Buchanan Rania Benchegra Chelcie May Esti Ginzburg Camille Rowe Noel Berry 1 Gabrielle Caunesil
  7. Alyssa Miller Beauty 9.5 Sexiness 9 HFV 9 Mass Appeal 7 Likability 9 Ana de Armas Beauty 5 Sexiness 5 HFV 6 Mass Appeal 6 Likability 6 Cindy Bruna Beauty 5 Sexiness 5 HFV 5 Mass Appeal 6 Likability 5
  8. All I see is Gemma/Alien Troll and an ass. 10 Gemma Ward Stephanie Claire Smith Gabrielle Pollock Talia Papantoniou George Midgley Angelina Boyko Alexina Graham Behati Prinsloo Cassie Amato 1 Chandler Bailey
  9. Feminism has been weaponized against women and men since the third wave or so. Rap music has been weaponized against black people since the late 80s.




  10. Adriana Lima Veronika Istomina Clara Alonso Rose Bertram
  11. But sometimes the simplicity is the beauty that the photographer is trying to express.
  12. Hanna Edwinson Tanya Mityushina Sandra Kubicka Robin Holzken
  13. Ubah Hassan Dioni Tabbers - How a blonde model who is that pretty with a body like that isn't more popular is one of fashion's great mysteries. Sui Hee
  14. I found matches, but not names. They seem like professional shoots at least.
  15. In all seriousness, she's still a bad b*&^^ and beats the hell out of the celebrities that made the bar so low. She's in an weird spot though. She's pretty, has a swimsuit body, but VS Pink energy. Well, no use looking like a fish out of water trying to be Hilary Rhoda sensual at this point. Be like Miranda. Put on your school uniform and do you, I guess.
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