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  1. thankf clarifying all these angels/supermodel thing. i'm glad rosie and candice are angels. hope erin becomes an angel soon.
  2. erin heatherton emanuela de paula rosie huntington whiteley miranda kerr candice swanepoel doutzen kroes emily di donato gracie caravalho
  3. is erin, rosie, candice, chanel, behati and lindsay the new angels? i just saw their profile in the vsallaccess website. why is their so many angels? and if they are the new angels, what were they thinking in making lindsay, behati and chanel angel. when is heidi, adriana. and alessandra going to retire? they need to retire soon, thay are old already. and mothers they need to be taking care of their kids, and let other young fresh models to shine for vs, they been modeling for vs for a long time. and marissa is old too, what is she doing modeling for vs? is time for doutzen, miranda, erin, rosie and candice to shine for vs.
  4. she looks really pretty in the picture.
  5. Petra Nemcova x 3 Veronica Varekova x 3 Hana Jirickova x 3
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