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  1. I like Elisha as an actress, but since we're talking pure Eye Candy...my vote is for OLA.
  2. I broke the tie! Yeh this was tough. I like Jess prolly as a girlfriend cuz she's pretty hot, and has more 'substance' and depth, (not to mention loaded haha) Hope that didn't make me sound like a man-whore?! Anyways, Josie overall is more attractive if we are talking superficial beauty. There's just something so :evil: about her--but more in a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" kinda way.
  3. Oluchi ANAAAA!! ^^^ Those pix from the 2005 are probably my All Time favorite pix ever--of ANY model. They're f*@#$% heart- stopping. Anyways, did anyone else burst out laughing at Adriana's weird ass Airline outfit??! Think was after Gisele's, to close the segment.
  4. ^^ What Brenlynn said. I think most guys like Scarlett for her rack lolz honestly. She's ok, but Charlize is by far a more natural beauty---by far!! I think this might be the first time we dont agree on someone..................o yea, I forgot bout Izabel Matt where's ur sig from? She looks really cute there. Actually I did like Scarlett but not in the way most guys are crazy bout her in. I downgraded her to "ok" after seeing Lost in Translation.
  5. ^^ What Brenlynn said. I think most guys like Scarlett for her rack lolz honestly. She's ok, but Charlize is by far a more natural beauty---by far!!
  6. Yeh I agree with Rhett "sexy" is def. hard to quantify. I chose Pretty cuz C'mon we're all superficial ppl here-- or else we won't be in a forum practically dedicated to MODELS. I went with 'pretty' cuz I think it's the safest option. The problem with "sexy", in my experiences, is that I could totally be attracted to her 'sexiness' (sexiness is more attitude based) but turned off by her (facial) looks. Yeh, I'm superficial . Then I havta fight myself on whether to hook up with her or not. It's too hard!
  7. Hmm...I think Natalia takes better pix, but I find Ale sexier. So, unfortunately it'll be Alessandra.
  8. Karolina looks like the Superstar and Izabel looks like the dark, mysterious, sexy one!! :evil: On another note, when did Adriana make out with 50 cent?! (BARF) There goes my lunch. Is she BLIND?? Of all Hip Hop stars---him??! Over Usher, P.Diddy list goes on...
  9. Sweet-lady, do u think those were pix of Ana in her apt? Where r they from?
  10. Eugenia..yes definately and acquired taste- an exquisite one at that. I am definately a convert. Haven't been on the board for awhile- but WTF is Adriana doing as the board header?!?!? This makes me hate the Limaholics more- AND it's not even a good pic shyt!
  11. {name}


    mo is a godsend!!! Yep, definately! Do u guys notice that the Yanks seem to find ways to beat the two best teams- Detroit and the White Sox, but sometimes falter against lesser teams?? But of course since the All Star break it's been (Y)
  12. {name}


    Why can't the Phillies win just one, ONE game against those darn Sox!!! <_< Those Bean boys ARGh.
  13. I always thought Nicole was pretty hot. That pic of Jess looks good too. The red head- is S.C.A.R.Y!! As for the rest, can anyone put pix as to who is whom? thanx!
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