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  1. {name}

    Happy Birthday :wave:

  2. {name}

    BZ became a lil boring without you -yawn-

    Happy Birthday

  3. Hah, last seen on 3rd Sept. 2007? :| Well... Happy Birthday, still :D

  4. {name}

    Don't know you but saw your posts around. Happy Birthday, you seem a fun person, so be back soon ;)

  5. Happy Birthday&come back!

  6. You are on my friend's list... but I'm not sure we have ever talked. :|


  7. {name}

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a good one.

  8. Happy 21st Birthday!

  9. Good news for izabel's fans, she's doing the Emanuel Ungaro menswear FW07 campaign: Scanned by me.
  10. We haven't talked for ages! Call me .. oh eh, you can't ...


  11. just curious... is that you in your avi ?

  12. W August 2002 "Reflections" Ph: Craig McDean Scanned by me I love love love that editorial
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