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  1. Good news for izabel's fans, she's doing the Emanuel Ungaro menswear FW07 campaign: Scanned by me.
  2. just curious... is that you in your avi ?

  3. W August 2002 "Reflections" Ph: Craig McDean Scanned by me I love love love that editorial
  4. Top10models 1. Eugenia 2.Natasha&Lara 3. Anja 4. Hilary 5. Morgane 6. Raquel 7. Romina 8. Stam 9. Sasha 10. Daria GemSnejJuliaSCocoBehatiSuviOlgaLilyDIrinaEliseIselin
  5. I voted for Eugenia, obviously well a lot of people went from hating her to loving her thanks to us
  6. ^ well i'm sorry but i've heard the contrary: editorials pay practically nothing (like $200-500 a day) but runway... a model can make between $1000 and $10 000 for one show... and i'm not even talking about the huge girls like gisele, or even daria and gemma, who can ask for a lot more... Of course campaigns are what pay the most and they're the best since it's a lot of money for one job, but a girl like Natasha who can walk almost 60 shows in one season and is a great walker makes a LOT of money during fashion weeks...
  7. Isabeli has two pics in the very coveted before/after editorial shot by inez & vinoodh for V magazine august07
  8. hahahaha that's nice of you to offer but i prefer eugenia's body
  9. i can't believe her thread here only has 10 pages... the first 10 pages @ tFS has like 20 eds... and her thread is a hundred pages big
  10. to me she's the typical russian: she looks gorgeous and cold but is very humble, sweet and hardworking
  11. ^ i think KK ruined her fashion career herself, by gaining too much weight and working out way, way too much... ETA: there's one thing all of us must understand: modeling is a job, and the girls want to make money. A huge contract with VS can pay a lot more than several years of high fashion, and it's more safe since you have the guarantee that you'll get the money (unless you break the contract) whereas you don't know how long you're gonna be in demand in the high fashion world... sure it's more fun for us to look at fashion pics, but if Doutzen can make a lot more money and get public recognition by only doing lingerie and catalogue work, i'm sure she won't hesitate... or rather i'm sure her agent won't
  12. Do you really want it now? She is too young her career is still on fire in the high fashion world. VS not yet... she barely walks fashion shows anymore, and she's not that big campaign-wise either, from what i've seen this season... mainstream contracts like l'oréal and VS are what suit her best, and interestingly what pay the most... so unlike Stam, i can perfectly seen Doutzen becoming an angel, it's not like she's a high fashion icon... a supermodel needs more commercial work and public recognition than purely high fashion stuff... Plus it won't prevent her from doing fashion campaigns and editorials (US vogue), look at gisele !
  13. ^She was misquoted, there was a small article about it on Vanity Fair to correct what she said but of course nobody paid attention to it and eugenia remained the russian bitch who dissed the brazilians... she was even canceled on a show for that reason when she did Sao Paulo fashion week last season... but all the brazilians that met her there said she was gorgeous, humble and lovely
  14. oh please, you like Marisa 'butterface" Miller
  15. Beh @ Iconography posted that Flavia is on the cover of Vogue España August07
  16. Isn't she AMAZING ? "Esterno Giorno" Flair - August 2007 scanned by blackangel41999 @ tFS
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