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    I have been a huge fan of fashion models as long as I remember. As a kid I was a big fan of Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder, Eva Herzigova, and Yasmeen Ghauri.

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  1. Her dad is a goofball. I hate her husband. Her face is average. I am not quite sure why she is famous. Yet, I am a fan because her body, especially her legs, are phenomenal. Justin is a very lucky man. I shouldn't like Hailey, Kendall, or Bella at all. But they are all hot, have amazing bodies, and I have a crush on each. Question: Better legs..Kendall or Hailey? Kendall's are longer. Hailey's may be more shapely. Not sure. Bella's are nice too.
  2. Hate her hair. But her booty is outstanding.
  3. When many women have babies they kind of give up. Elsa has not.
  4. Holy crap! How the hell are fat pigs and other ugly or old PC models are on SI but Frida isn't?
  5. With Lily and Martha really not modeling anymore Frida and Lorena are currently in my top 2.
  6. Maybe I should move to Brazil.
  7. Just discovered her....and baby likes her!
  8. I remember when all SI models looked like that.
  9. Wow SI used a real model!
  10. Does anyone have pics from her at the Lakers game last night? She looked fantastic.
  11. Praying to see some nudity one of these days.
  12. How the hell isn't she a star?
  13. Since Lily and Martha don't really model anymore, Lorena and Frida are my favorite current models.
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