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  1. Who is the brunette with Elizabeth and Natalie?
  2. Lauren is the most friendly model on Instagram IMO. Her and Jacqueline Jablonski.
  3. I would give my next two paychecks to sit on her lap. I am 4'6, I would fit.
  4. Lily was my favorite model for awhile. Miss her modeling for VS.
  5. Hopefully she doesn't get pregnant right away and ruin her fabulous body.
  6. I hate her family. However, I am a fan of Kendall. She is hot and her legs are some of the best out there.
  7. She had legs that rivaled Stephanie and Rosie in her prime.
  8. For me on Instagram it is Lauren Layne, Jacqueline Jablonski, Kelly Thomas, and Daniela Pestova. Lily Aldridge wished me a Happy Birthday. If you are respectful and not a perv, some will respond to your comments.
  9. I would have my hands on her legs too
  10. Why isn't Lorena an Angel? Come on VS, get smart.
  11. Thanks, but I did not get any of that. I am not very tech savy....
  12. Thanks, how did you do that?
  13. Beautiful... How do you make an instagram picture a normal picture?
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