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  1. I am afraid I am one of the oldest here. I am 45. Grew up being a big fan of models like Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder, Yasmin Ghauri, Daniela Pestova, Elle McPherson, etc. They were perfect in my eyes. Now I am a big fan of Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt, Candice Swanepoel, Lorena Rae, Renee Murdin, and so so many others.
  2. The Internet killed VS, SI swimsuit, etc. When I was in high school and college in the 90's, we did not have Internet. So we had magazines and TV shows like Baywatch to keep us horny. I remember in college getting a Maxim or VS in the mail and I was bust for a bit.. lol...Now, today, kids have the Internet. They can find beautiful models on a Google search. There are a million on Instagram (including mine) pages that show beautiful models whether it be a fan or a model herself. I grew up with Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder, Daniela Pestova, Elle McPherson, Kathy Ireland, etc. They were as close to perfect as possible. It is a shame. My fetish has always been models. I am afraid the age of beautiful models is ending. Now it is PC with fat models, ugly models, etc.
  3. Liked the new VS pics. I thought VS wasn't using pretty and real models anymore? I thought they were just using fat and ugly women.
  4. She is the only good thing about VS right now. All that is left of the group of Adriana, Alessandra, Miranda, Rosie, Doutzen, Lily, Erin, and Lindsay.
  5. I am so glad to see Candice back with VS! Their quality of models have gone downhill with them trying to be PC. Not all their models are beautiful anymore.
  6. Who is the brunette with Elizabeth and Natalie?
  7. Lauren is the most friendly model on Instagram IMO. Her and Jacqueline Jablonski.
  8. I would give my next two paychecks to sit on her lap. I am 4'6, I would fit.
  9. Lily was my favorite model for awhile. Miss her modeling for VS.
  10. Hopefully she doesn't get pregnant right away and ruin her fabulous body.
  11. I hate her family. However, I am a fan of Kendall. She is hot and her legs are some of the best out there.
  12. She had legs that rivaled Stephanie and Rosie in her prime.
  13. For me on Instagram it is Lauren Layne, Jacqueline Jablonski, Kelly Thomas, and Daniela Pestova. Lily Aldridge wished me a Happy Birthday. If you are respectful and not a perv, some will respond to your comments.
  14. I would have my hands on her legs too
  15. Why isn't Lorena an Angel? Come on VS, get smart.
  16. Thanks, but I did not get any of that. I am not very tech savy....
  17. Beautiful... How do you make an instagram picture a normal picture?
  18. I was watching a video of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYFVXq38dAc VS Angels. It is Candice, Alessandra, Adriana, Lily, Doutzen, Lindsay, Miranda, and Erin. All of them are sexy Angels. Now, there are still some sexy angels, but there is also Alexina, Leomie, Stella, and Taylor. All 4 are no way sexy. VS Angels should be sexy.
  19. I am very upset that Lorena Rae did not get a contract. The only one I agree with is Grace, and possibly Barbara.
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