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  1. Bellazon's underdogs competition; Hi everyone! There's no stopping for me with competitions, even if I'm running out of ideas and this concept was the best I could come up with. ABOUT: I've seen people complaining about a model being too overrated or too underrated, so this gave me an idea for my next competition. I actually wanted to make a "new faces" competition because we are all kinda tired to see the same old veterans winning all the comps, so it's time to see someone new make it. But at the same time I've noticed that many "old" faces don't have that many pages in their threads, so it makes no sense to add them in this competition - since I'm gonna take into account the number of pages their threads have. So I've decided that "underdogs" was the best solution to this issue. I know there is also the fact that many models have few pages because their thread was made not long ago, but never mind because this competition can be used to promote them better. I hope you all will enjoy! RULES: You will have to nominate models who have these requirements: - a thread in the model section (NO thread, NO party. You can still make one for them). - up to 50 pages (50 pages you're in, 51 pages you're out). - be with at least one agency. - NOT an Instagram model only (they can be very active on Instagram but they need to have at least one official photoshoot). No need to find the pictures, I will take care of the templates. In case you have a specific pic you want me to use, just link it to me! PROCESS: Still have to decide the process. For sure there will be elimination rounds. NOMINATIONS: NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED.
  2. Bruna Lirio. Vika Bronova. Olivia Brower. Elizabeth Turner. Noor Schauten. I seriously don't get why Megan is getting so many votes when most of people here complain about her being so boring. I love Megan too and I'm mad she ended up against Olivia, but I still don't get all these votes. VOTING IS CLOSED. Match #1. Bruna Lirio; 10 votes (WINNER!) Celeste Desjardins; 9 votes. Match #2. Kim Cloutier; 6 votes. Vika Bronova; 13 votes (WINNER!) Match #3. Megan Williams; 9 votes. Olivia Brower; 10 votes (WINNER!) Match #4. Danielle Knudson; 7 votes. Elizabeth Turner; 12 votes (WINNER!) Match #5. McKenna Berkley; 10 votes (WINNER!) Noor Schauten; 9 votes.