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  1. 1. Valeria Lakhina (19) 2. Ida Zeile (0) 3. Eva Mikulski (0) 4. Haley Kalil (0) 5. Lucy Hale (0) 6. Adriana Mora (0) 7. Efrat Dor (0) 8. Maartje Verhoef (0) 9. Mia Ivanska (1) 10. Candace Owens (0)
  2. I think this is a good solution And in those cases where a model has had (more or less) equal success as both, it can be left to the criteria of who's nominating. There shouldn't be too many complicated cases in this category.
  3. The everlasting glory of winning this competition, obviously
  4. The Ultimate Battle - Blondes vs Brunettes How is it going to work? - The competition will be divided into 3 stages: Qualifiers, Regular Season and Playoffs. - We will have separated qualifiers for each blondes and brunettes, so that we have an equal number of each advancing to the Regular Season. - Those who qualify will be divided into 2 groups (A and B). Each group will be half blondes, half brunettes. - The Regular Season will consist of all-against-all pairings within each group, with a potential extra round of A vs B pairings. - Each win will be awar
  5. Xenia Belskaya: 5.5 Xian Mikol: 7.5 Yael Shelbia: 8 Yara Khmidan: 7.5 Yulia Rose: 10!! Zhenya Katava: 4 Zorana Kuzmanova: 8
  6. Georgia Fowler Hailey Outland Alessandra Ambrosio Yulia Rose
  7. It's been a while since the Legs competition, so hoping there's enthusiasm, let's go with another competition Currently I'm not having as much time as I did when I ran the previous one but I should be able to make it work. More details to come later (or actually tomorrow) For now, the format will be just like in the Best Legs competition, that is: Qualifiers, Regular Season and Playoffs.
  8. Anna-Christina Schwartz Alessandra Ambrosio Hanna Edwinson Hailey Outland
  9. Veridiana Ferreira: 7 Veronika Istomina: 7 Victoria Lynn Myers: 5 Vika Bronova: 10!!! Viktoria Sasonkina: 7 Vittoria Ceretti: 5.5
  10. The music in this game is so great!
  11. Georgia Fowler Alessandra Ambrosio Anna-Christina Schwartz Hailey Outland
  12. That one looks terrifying. Seriously terrifying Obviously it isn't, but it makes me think of this bastard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilean_recluse_spider
  13. Maggie Rawlins Celine Farach Sarah Stephens Hailey Outland
  14. Tanya Kizko: 7 Tanya Mityushina: 7 Taya Krav: 8 Taylor Hill: 10 Thylane Blondeau: 10 Tia Mallia: 7 Valeria Rudenko: 7.5 Valeriya Lapidus: 9.5
  15. Original ------------------ Round 228: Original: Cover:
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