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  1. Herve! You're still here?! How the heck are ya? I've lost contact with everyone and have no way to contact the ones that left here. Who from the old crew are you still in contact with?

    1. SympathysSilhouette


      The short answer is: no one. :/

  2. Naomi Scott

    She's about to blow up as the new pink ranger in the new Power Rangers movie! So look at this post as an old school BUMP
  3. Come back to me :rolingpin:

    1. MattLoveModels


      Ha. I have returned! For now..

    2. Limerlight




      At least for like two hours :ermm: 

  4. Bellazon Birthday?

    wasn't november 23rd 2004 the official first day?
  5. Jessica Gomes

    but where are all the new SI scans Don't make me have to call Neo and his way over edited scans (only bz old heads will get this joke)
  6. NBA

    Sad fact: the LA Lakers, with 3 future hall of famers, will probably miss the playoffs
  7. Victoria Justice

    she's so perfect looking it's almost too much
  8. Last movie you saw...

    Spring Breakers Some people are going to hate it. Watch it with an open mind, this is a Harmony Korine film after all. Anyway if you're a guy there's really no way to dislike this movie
  9. The Master (2012)

    Joaquin with one of the best performances I've ever seen. The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous too.
  10. Amira Ahmed

    how dare you keep her from me all this time Joe
  11. She's spoken for. Don't make me hurt you :knives:

  12. House of Cards (2013-)

    I enjoy the show. The plot isn't amazing but it's shot very well and has a movie feel to it. Spacey is good too. Although I agree it's not his best.
  13. Nina Agdal

    she's gotten so popular nooooo!! I'm happy for her but how do I have a chance with her now
  14. i see you in nina's thread. back off she's mine