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  1. what r u trying to say ? please mention her name if anybody know
  2. what are trying to say ? please mention the model name ?
  3. who is she ? ... model name ? she's from leonisa lingerie rampwalk 2013 ... name or insta ? id ?
  4. she's Leonisa lingerie model. please anyone know her name ? name ? id ?
  5. please anyone... name her... ID ? id ?
  6. model id ?? name please ??? shes is from Leonisa lingerie.
  7. MANNNN...plz check which image u have replied with ? violet color dress model is Bruna Loureiro ...do u think ? u have attached image & replied that she is Bruna Loureiro.... u have seen middle model with orange lingerie...I want left side model name....
  8. any one please tell this beautiful model name from rampwalk for leonisa inner wear in 2013 can anybody share her name or id ? ID ? there are no names for models in comments section on any site... or on youtube, I had search a lot for her (Swimwear Colombia Moda 2013 HD by Fashion Channel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgDw6nDfe8E search for this on google she's at 00:44, 09:57, 20:17, 20:50 _ thanks in advanced ☺️
  9. yes ...you have found her... REALLY thanks for this...
  10. any one know this model name ?
  11. again thanks for recognising a face....👍
  12. excuse me.... plz check model.... name given by u is another one.
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