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  1. Does anyone know who this is ? She is on the Couture Candy website. Modeling Eureka fashion
  2. Please help me identify this model ; She is on Dessy's site; I've tried Google search , no luck. She is on Dessy's Instagram but no names https://www.instagram.com/dessygroup/?hl=en
  3. Thank You. Once again you are batting a 1.000
  4. Does anybody know who this is ?? 2487338115.mp4 2521145521.mp4
  5. I agree . It looks like Chloe to me. She also did a lot with Zappos.
  6. Thank You I think she will be a big star in this business
  7. Video 47357942_1028423190697971_6041785940163850387_n.mp4
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