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  1. Hello everyone! I would like to know what this stunning girl's name is. She really is a mixed-race beauty. In addition she is sporty, and really muscular! A great body! The other model is called Ashleigh Rae and she is just as gorgeous! Collection Lolë (or Lolelife) 2022 @lole Shot by @adamfranzino Styled by @alexviolante Glam by @alina_friesen Filmed by @saulopez Oh and a little detail before I forget, she is surely Canadian because she has a tattoo in the shape of a maple leaf.
  2. @vikki13r 97149364_835176153639346_6384160829402297961_n.mp4 54204683_417455478815378_3267632610460361707_n.mp4 75270146_299782387814437_2981296053658989329_n.mp4 27075653_1938735969499699_3091633828796215113_n.mp4 36757588_142989073249433_4497480735798419781_n.mp4 48606692_120843525612417_9127522849822291291_n.mp4 58333953_338799257060584_3208765026966855251_n.mp4 61554876_140491403691892_2780566345213902527_n.mp4 61926856_2366592996885874_2839090741300276622_n.mp4 64252366_2061309477508781_8760000884037545093_n.mp4
  3. Hi everyone. I would like to know the name of the young ebony model who poses in Eres lingerie and swimsuits. On the site, I recognized the models Joy Van Der Eecken and Karlina Caume, but it is currently impossible to know what the name of this beautiful black woman is. Her identity remains unknown and I would like to know who she is!
  4. Hieveryone. I would like to know the names of the two models who pose in swimsuits for the Helline mail-order site. Indeed, they are really gorgeous! 1. 2.
  5. Hi everyone! I would like to know the names of the two lovely models who pose in swimsuits for Carrefour's Tex brand. The photos are from the year 2021. Please help me I'm in love with them, especially the gorgeous mixed race model! 1. 2. 190218980_280685037072493_1007113641802855442_n.mp4
  6. Hello everybody. I would like to know the name of this beautiful mixed-race model who poses for Cupshe swimwear. She is wearing a size S Height: 5' 8", Bust: 33 in, Waist: 25 in, Hips: 38 in Please I want to know what is the name of this beautiful and adorable young lady. Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to know the names of the two pretty models appearing in the Princesse Tam Tam spring summer 2022 lookbook. One of them is a beautiful blonde with green eyes while the other is a beautiful mixed-race woman with a great body. It is for the moment impossible to have other information than what is indicated in the lookbook, they are just named "girl on the left" and "girl on the right" so please I would like someone to tell me how call these two stunning young women!
  8. Plume Paris Summer 2020 @plume_paris_ @camillepouget_ @celine_plume_et_caramel @paulineb_muah @aureliagrac 97107331_255486598935252_738717001178132894_n.mp4
  9. La Villa Mogardor Cap Ferret @piscines_de_france @lpapilllus @eatprayslaybali @sarah_mzs @aureliagrac Aurelia i love you belle métisse! I want to make love with you! 10000000_392147165661008_1701609251901692871_n.mp4 10000000_571737774260321_4096831552127136241_n.mp4
  10. She's a real top Model! @vikki13r Promotional video for Barista coffee. 2014 The commercial starred the actress of the casting center Icon Viktoria ID5100
  11. Still impossible to know the identity of this model in a swimsuit! However, I would like to know what her name is. She is so pretty and so cute! Please! Height: 173cm / 5'8 '' Size XS Photographer: Jean-Luc Abraïni Make-up: Cécile Anton For the 2021 Pain de Sucre swimwear collection
  12. WARNING: This young woman was seen taking pictures for the Pain de Sucre brand. She is wearing a Nil reversible golden one-piece swimsuit. She is a model, is 173 cm tall and wears a size XS. The photographer's name is Jean-Luc Abraini and the makeup artist's name is Cécile Anton. Distinctive sign: she vamps with this swimsuit, by wearing it she transforms into an irresistible seductress! @jlabraini @cecileantonmakeup @paindesucre_officiel Now I would like to know what this other Pain De Sucre studio model is called please, because it is impossible to know what her name is! We just know that she is 173cm tall and wears a size XS.
  13. Now I would like to know the name of the model who poses for the Empreinte swimwear Spring/Summer 2016. https://issuu.com/sollingerie/docs/emp_swim_0bba581c9fba9c/2
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