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  1. @kimfloridakimflorida my apologies: it seems that she is well Nya Gatbel. (but she is only credited by her first name) Directrice Générale Adjointe Martina Brown Direction Artistique Petra Langhammer Concepteur Artistique Guillaume Bertrand Directrice marque Claire Masson Modèles : Monic Perez Diaz / Nya Réalisé par les Frères Forsans Production @The Art Board Production Coordinator Emilie Couput Producer Mia Meliava Photographe Markus Jans Assistant Mikael Fakhri Digital assistant Golda Fruhmann Hair stylist / Make up Sacha Giraudeau Stylist Coline Peyrot
  2. Aubade Swim S/S 2019 She constantly hides her face with her arms, with leaves or with a sheet, or she turns her head so that we cannot see her eyes. There is obviously an artistic bias which consists in hiding her face in order to focus more on her sexy body and her plump lips. That makes her sensual, desirable and very attractive. Video Aubade Swim S/S 2019 (Always without face!)
  3. Please, I want the name of the model posing in swimsuit Lidea. I love her light eyes!
  4. @kimflorida @Chez888 At the risk of upsetting you, as much for Bruna Colpa, I agree that it is her, as much I am not convinced that the other model is Talita Hoppe. She doesn't have the same eyes as the Pro-Idee model. hpn333590_fr.mp4
  5. If you want, more photos and videos of the same model, if that helps. 200337746.mp4 hpn333304_en.mp4 hpn333596_en.mp4 200337100.mp4 hpn332423_en (1).mp4
  6. We still don't know who this beautiful black model without face is. Nya Gatbel's name has been suggested, but I'm not convinced. Please, help me! Who's the girl? @aubadeparis @markusjans 103706726_2852156421578792_6903734689044435363_n.mp4 103357272_681550882627182_8726301966395823841_n.mp4 tallulahlingerie @ameliesfollies see what I mean with the not seeing both faces! 😢
  7. Hello, I would like to know the identity of the model posing in the brand red swimsuit Anita Rosa Faia, please. She poses on behalf of the Pro-Idée sales site, and we see her in a video where she is very sexy running on the beach ... https://media.proidee.co.uk/media/videos/proidee/hpn333590_en/hpn333590_en.mp4 hpn333590_fr_0109_01.mp4
  8. Please I would like to know the identity of the model posing for the Glamuse.com site. She wears swimwear brands Pain de Sucre, Antigel, Lise Charmel and Verdissima. She has a beautiful body, pretty breasts, a luscious mouth, a charming smile, but her eyes are hidden and she is not full face. The Glamuse site being French, it is possible that she is a French girl, but it will not be easy to know who she is. However, she is very sexy! Who is this mysterious woman overflowing with sensuality?
  9. Pain de Sucre SS2020 Swimwear Photographer:David Bellemere I love this girl! She's gorgeous!
  10. Aubade swimwear ss20 Monic Perez Monic Perez with anonymous black model with hidden eyes (who is she?)
  11. Aubade swimwear ss20 With Monic Perez and a anonymous black model with hidden eyes (Who is she?)
  12. She is a heartbreaker in swimsuit! I love that! Instagram: @johanne.kervella
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