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  1. Has anyone watched all of her films? You think she has improved her acting ability over the years? The last one I have seen was "Luisa Sanfelice"
  2. She looks similar to Laetitia except for the nose. She's beautiful but yes, Laetitia is still the best. Best of luck to Marie Ange. I have a feeling Marie Ange will not be the last model for the Castas. Laetitia's daughers maybe? That will be a while, of course.
  3. Wow, I was shocked when I just read about this, today. I've always remembered her as the new "Kate Moss" but now well..I hope she gets what she wants to do. Acting? Is that what she wants to pursue? I think she certainly can get that weight off if she really wants to.. It's the legs that I'm amazed about!
  4. goose

    Megan Fox

    photo shopped her face. I don't know who you are but you are fixated on that guy being with her. troll? troublemaker?
  5. goose

    Megan Fox

    Rrright... And this guy has a lot of something for her, eh? Yeah that's right she can date whom ever or whatever she wants. I've read something on her taste in men. She likes the bad ass when she goes to clubs but when it comes to being close the nice guy wins her heart.
  6. goose

    Megan Fox

    I doubt it. That article is old. That would be horrific with an ugly guy like that. I don't think Megan is a dumb lust craven trash bimbo white girl like a Playboy Playmate. Please avoid model/celeb bashing (or people bashing in general) as it is against the rules of Belazon ~ Pose Edited by Joe > Average Plus she and Brian are still hanging out with each other. She broke off the engagement only because she doesn't want to get married at least not now. She has said that on Letterman. But that doesn't mean she and Brian are completely separate but instead they are just not engaged th
  7. I read her mom is pursuing to reopen the case. I don't know if that is possible though. The police seem to be sure of themselves. It would be difficult to convince them. Maybe hire a P.I.? But that would cost money. To me it is still a mystery and I am not 100% sure what really happened. Sure there were signs of suicide but there were also stories of friends and family seeing her reasonably happy but have problems just like anyone else. I don't know her personally so it's tough to make any judgements. I am good at observing people's behaviors. Also, I don't know if the stor
  8. Model Ruslana Korshunova will be buried in Moscow Monday BY Veronika Belenkaya and Oren Yaniv DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS Sunday, July 6th 2008, 8:20 PM The stunning supermodel who plunged to her death 10 days ago will be buried Monday in Moscow, the city where she found joy and heartbreak. Ruslana Korshunova's remains arrived in the Russian capital Sunday. She will be laid to rest at Mitinskoe Cemetery. "My daughter really loved that city," grieving mother Valentina Kutenkova told the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. "[she] would want her beloved Moscow to be her last resting place." The
  9. Believe it or not, this is actually Elin's twin sister, Josefin. I wonder how Tiger distinguishes those two.
  10. Her mom still does not believe it was suicide but that it may have been a slip on the balcony. I have read somewhere that she cut the netting with a knife and left it on the balcony. Her friends have also said that she was full of life and energy. Here is a new article from the New York Times: Amid Swirl of Speculation, Disbelief From a Mother By CARA BUCKLEY Published: July 5, 2008 The daughter that Valentina Korshunova knew would never have taken her own life. “She was so full of life; she loved life,” Mrs. Korshunova, 48, said tearfully, speaking through a translator on Thursday at a fun
  11. That's what I keep saying. It's so frustrating knowing all this after the fact. I don't know her but it seems she hides her pain very well even to her friends and family. But on occasion it blurts out. Still not enough for people be alarmed about, I suppose.
  12. Where this information is from? I am very angry that police don't say anything...
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