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  1. Hey old buddy good to see you’re still alive lol

  2. This thread is surprisingly small
  3. She's the first actress I've had a thing for in years and I can't explain why. Not even my type I don't get why I'm semi obsessed with her
  4. Props to you for keeping the ship afloat almost 20 years later :bellazon:

    1. maddog107


      That long :o


      Damn cant believe how old we are now :(



      Thanks for helping keep the forum popular all these years later :flower:


    2. MattLoveModels


      I was pretty much a child when I joined this place it's pretty wild :laugh:


      Well, I haven't really done much the past 10 or so years tbh but I'll never forget the great times and great people I met on here :mf_cupid:

  5. Welcome back :bounce:

  6. Old friend what's your email/facebook/mode of contact?  I see you were on here semi recently you can't ninja forever.

  7. MattLoveModels


    Wow there has been no activity in this thread since the Warriors dominance started, coincidence? Probably but maybe not. Also my Sixers are ranked their highest in 16 or so years so you could say I'm pretty ecstatic. We have the most exciting young team in the league if you ask me (although biased).
  8. After 11 years I have finally watched My Sassy Girl and re-fell in love with her
  9. Hello :ninja:

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    2. MattLoveModels


      I'm good Pinky, I'm an adult now! Well, for the most part I can still be pretty immature at times :laugh:. How've you been? Anyone from the old days still here?

    3. PinkCouture


      LOL...yes you are :laugh: Most guys are immature so you are in good company :p I have been ok. Hanging in there. Most people have moved on but there are a few veterans who visit here & there like Herve,  Prettyphile, Michael,  etc.


      What have you been up to these days? :smile:

    4. MattLoveModels


      Have you heard or have any contact with Josh (MLA)? I seem to have lost all contact with him and he doesn't go on last.fm anymore. Can't find him on facebook either.


      I've been doing striving to thrive you could say in Philly, doing freelance film work. Got back from London recently, was on vacation with my girlfriend there. She's from Hong Kong but we met in college back in 2014.


      How's life for you?

  10. I was in europe (London) for the first time last month! Hi old friend.

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    2. MattLoveModels


      Pretty well how are you, still in Belgium? I work in film/tv now so I guess you could say things worked out for me :laugh: How is BZ these days? Anyone still here?

    3. SympathysSilhouette


      Still working and living in Belgium yes. Still in IT. :smile:

      What is your job within the TV/movie industry, if you don't mind me asking? :smile:

      There are still a handful of the old regulars around, but not too many.

    4. MattLoveModels


      My newest roommate works in IT, he seems like a cool guy... haha

      I'm a camera assistant at the moment, I'm thinking about moving somewhere with my girlfriend though she's pretty international, and being freelance I have the freedom to move anywhere I want.


      The time capsule-ness of this site is overwhelming. So many cringe comments I've made in the past. It's funny to look at now. I basically grew up on this site, it's pretty remarkable.

  11. Herve! You're still here?! How the heck are ya? I've lost contact with everyone and have no way to contact the ones that left here. Who from the old crew are you still in contact with?

    1. SympathysSilhouette


      The short answer is: no one. :/

  12. She's about to blow up as the new pink ranger in the new Power Rangers movie! So look at this post as an old school BUMP
  13. wasn't november 23rd 2004 the official first day?
  14. but where are all the new SI scans Don't make me have to call Neo and his way over edited scans (only bz old heads will get this joke)
  15. MattLoveModels


    Sad fact: the LA Lakers, with 3 future hall of famers, will probably miss the playoffs
  16. she's so perfect looking it's almost too much
  17. Spring Breakers Some people are going to hate it. Watch it with an open mind, this is a Harmony Korine film after all. Anyway if you're a guy there's really no way to dislike this movie
  18. Joaquin with one of the best performances I've ever seen. The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous too.
  19. how dare you keep her from me all this time Joe
  20. I enjoy the show. The plot isn't amazing but it's shot very well and has a movie feel to it. Spacey is good too. Although I agree it's not his best.
  21. she's gotten so popular nooooo!! I'm happy for her but how do I have a chance with her now
  22. i see you in nina's thread. back off she's mine

  23. So she still gets work despite her height? That's nice
  24. she's gorgeous and has the same birthday as me. it's destiny!
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