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  1. & missed you lots as well, wub wub

  2. my sweetyyyyyyyyyyy!! you have to send me a pm with your email :hugs:

    well i'm so so, life stuff.

    tho i'm waiting for that email, kisses :*:*

  3. Oleg!!!!!! Oleg!!! I'm here!!! I'm here!!!!! Please do not kill me :cry:

  4. Pinky :cry:

    I have really missed you! I'm here to say hello to you. Everything's OK? :)

  5. Hey Matt!

    I'm alive :P

    Such a long time to be here. HELL YEAH!!! How's it going?

  6. i remember having some fun chats with you. where o where can you be. hopefully not captured by crazy north koreans

  7. Merry KISSmas and Happy Sexy New Year!!! Best Wishes, PinkCouture

  8. hey soy bean,

    miss you!!

    you should join tfs, they might be letting people register there again. :)

  9. soy sOy; how's life? Holidays treat you well.

  10. Soyee! :D Where have you been? :[ I am almost lonely in Coco's thread.

  11. soyee have you disappeared again? <_<

  12. yea, sort of :( ...

    but i feel good in general :D though i'm trying to enjoy the summer :hehe:

  13. I'm doing good :D What about you? You're still struggling for insomnia? :(

  14. hey there soy'soy :hug: ... how you doing?


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