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  1. i wonder why these haven't been posted yet [credit to jssy4eva tfs / gtsgts modelhommes]
  2. Thank you so much, Rei, Solange looks gorgeous in that ed :blush:
  3. "Hot Stuff" Vogue Germany September 2007 by Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton [credit to helligirl]
  4. Isabel Marant S/S 07 backstage [credit to min-SH]
  5. "Trends from New York" Bazaar July 2007 by Anthony Ward [credit to sister-d]
  6. "Pure Wonder" Vogue Italia June 2007 by Ellen von Unwerth [credit to alix]
  7. "The New Bob" Allure June 2007 by Michael Thompson [credit to Faith Akiyama]
  8. "Nostalgia Baby" Vanity Fair Italy February 2007 by Pascal Chavallier [credit to Pashen'ka]
  9. "A Dream of Sunshine" Vogue Nippon June 2007 by Lane Coder [credit to tanya LJ]
  10. Nina you can include your top ten underneath your siggy (as before) as long as it's no more than three lines
  11. Nina, why did you :knives: the siggy i made for you :yuckky:
  12. "Extase" by Horst Diekgerdes [credit to mariemaud]
  13. "Effleurée" by Solve Sundsbo [credit to mariemaud]
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