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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. Happy Birthday :hug:

  3. Happy Birthday sweetie <3

  4. {name}

    Mona Johannesson

    Um, yes, it's Mona Johannesson. (can't believe I had to come out of hiding for THAT! lol) EDIT: the campaign's in her thread btw, if you just do a search for Adidas.
  5. ~~ Have a wonderful birthday. :) Take care and see you around. * Nichelle * ~~

  6. Happy 24th Birthday, Nicole!

  7. hello!

    happy belated birthday!

    : )

    i just saw your topic. you DEFINITELY deserved it!

  8. {name}

    Models That Have Been Identified in Model ID

    I'll go through them when I have time. Please stop bumping this up though. I haven't forgotten
  9. Happy Birthday Nicole!

  10. Happy Birthday!! :)

  11. Happy Birthday !! :kiss:

  12. {name}

    Mona Johannesson

    in sweden? tnx. Yes.
  13. {name}

    Mona Johannesson

    Her agency.