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  1. Lyena Strama, can some moderator change this name to Magdalena Strama. That's her true name
  2. https://vimeo.com/263331557
  3. Photographer :Karina Chancey Maxim US NUDITY
  4. If Gigi read bellazon, she would recognize the idea a while ago.... Also who it originally came from! @jhetchtkopf stole it!
  5. https://www.isabellalanaro.com/lyena-strama/ UHD
  6. Yes, Alexis went too far but compared to how far MJ has gone, she's gorgeous. Tanya Mityushina, Hannah Ferguson, Nina Agdal, both Kates, Irina Shayk and many more breathtaking have been in SI! Come on, this time girls, aren't even close!
  7. After all this obese women increasing in number this year, Alexis Ren had looks like a goddess, didn't she? There were some criticisms back then!
  8. Nick Suarez Photography @veronicaxyz insta
  9. Absolutely dazzling! None of her snapshots look awkward! Such a perfect walk!
  10. ❤️ Gigi always surprises even after elite pics taken earlier!
  11. Delilah Belle, Olivia and Herbert sisters look fantastic. I expect some pregnancy nudes from Kate. ....and Barbara Also, Natasha Barnard and Gigi Paris would be so fantastic!
  12. Any updates for Gigi for VS18 or SI19?
  13. Damn it Tyler, stop concealing things from us, boy!
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