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  1. This can't be the only post for somebody as hot as this, surely??
  2. Recent work for Benetton and Loveday London lingerie.
  3. Benetton promo video 'Clothes for humans'
  4. Can't believe 98% of her pics are just catalogue stuff. She's way too beautiful just to do that! Wonderful smile, stunning legs and - on the odd occasion you get to glimpse it, the most amazing peachy-esque bottom <3
  5. A couple I found today.
  6. Couldn't see these two on here, apologies if they are duplicates
  7. Just a few more recent pics Many more just like these, please Ellie!
  8. Apologies if these are duplicates.
  9. Poor show, really - how can a babe this gorgeous have such a small portfolio, she's divine!! <3
  10. A few more recent pics.