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  1. Could someone please help me find the name of this Gorgeous Model for a.testoni Underwear? Thanks in advance...
  2. Could someone please help me find the name of this pretty Model for Eblin Lingerie? She also worked for many Chinese or Korean Lingerie brands! Thanks in advance... For Eblin Lingerie : For a.testoni Underwear :
  3. First one is Carolina Sanchez and Second one is Julia Bergshoeff...
  5. Pics from Wacoal Lingerie... Pics from WonderBra Lingerie...
  6. First one is Gorgeous Inga Dezhina. Here is her Bellazon thread : https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/56536-inga-dezhina/
  7. Number 4. Femme Actuelle 15 Mar 2021 is already identified as Marie Selepec by Enrico_sw
  8. Exactly One Year... And I accidentally opened this page...
  9. Her name is Liz...❤️ By a fortunate accident I stumble on her Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/liza_prize_/ she is working at https://moozamanagement.com/liz Still don't know her full name, please share it if anybody knows... Thank you.
  10. Making of campagne Automne-Hiver 2015 - Ysé Lingerie
  11. I Agree. She 100% Flavia Lucini.
  12. Thanks a lot aubadfrfan . You are right about Model Number 7 is Stefania Ivanescu. She did modeled for L'Agent Campaign SS 2015. You are not correct about Model Number 1 and 2. Indeed Hailey Clauson stars in Agent Provocateur's Spring 2014 Campaign "Behind Close Doors". Number 1 and 2 models seems to be part of the same campaign but they both are different models and also not Hailey. Here is how Hailey look like... Also Number 11 in not Mylene Jampanoi or Amber Anderson, you are correct about that too. Thank you for trying though....❤️
  13. 16. Bar Refaeli Birth Name: Bar Refaeli Born 4 June 1985 Born and residing in: Israel Height: 5' 9"
  14. No. 8 is Montana Cox.. How I didn't recognize her immediately I don't know...
  15. 15. Hollie May Saker Birth Name: Hollie May Saker Age: 26, born 9 January 1995 Country of origin: United Kingdom Height: 5' 10"
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