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  1. Um, yes, it's Mona Johannesson. (can't believe I had to come out of hiding for THAT! lol) EDIT: the campaign's in her thread btw, if you just do a search for Adidas.
  2. I'll go through them when I have time. Please stop bumping this up though. I haven't forgotten
  3. What was your original name Libertine? (so I can add it to the Name Change list)
  4. They're totally different emoticons. I don't know how you can't see the difference...I mean it's like sooooo obvious
  5. done I assume you wanted the carat (^) included. If this was a mistake on my part, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy
  6. ^ Well I was going to textlink the images for you but since you responded in that manner, I just deleted the post instead
  7. I know I sound like a broken record with this but please try to label your posts with as much info as possible. The Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming ad for example could have easily been labeled as such. It's obviously not a rule and I can't force you guys to do it but it does make searching for things a lot easier. And I'd love you more for it Thanks Layla90 -- if you'd like to know what campaigns Mona has this season, you can go to MonaJ.net and check on the side. Meghan and I have listed her campaigns there
  8. ^ Posted already It's my scan in fact...
  9. I was the one who removed your signature b/c yes, it was too big. It's good now though (Y)
  10. I'll merge them when the search function starts working again I don't feel like digging through that forum to find the original thread. But thanks for letting us know
  11. If you changed your name to a celeb that you later find out sucks, we will not change your name again
  12. Help Cut Back on Reposts Lately there have been a lot of reposts on this board. By all means, this board is full of hundreds of thousands of images, and reposts are inevitable. However, there are little things we can all do to help cut back on the vast amounts of reposts that not only disrupt the archival flow of a thread but also (and more importantly) take up bandwidth and cost us more money. 1. Try checking the last 5 pages before posting images. Reposts that occur on the same page (yes this has happened) or even within a couple of pages of each other are frustrating and unnecessary. Checking at least five pages back before posting can help in this respect immensely. 2. The search function is your friend, and topic searches now work since maddog107 updated the board. Perform a search within the thread if you know the name of the event, magazine, editorial, or shoot your image is coming from. Sometimes people fail to provide information when they post pics and the images won't come up as a result. But at least search first to see what comes up. 3. Related to number 2, when posting images, whenever possible, list as much information about the image(s) as you can including sources. This will help others in the future when they use the search function. 4. If you know a set of images has been posted before, please do not post them again. If you have any questions, please contact me or another staff member. Together we can cut down on reposts. Thanks everyone for your cooperation.
  13. Some videos: Sommargasten Interview Jul 26, 2007 Found by me on TV4.se subtitles graciously provided by OlgaKorbut @ TFS uploaded to youtube by Meghan Valentino Rock N Rose: Extended Version found by Meghan on jedroot.com uploaded by Meghan as well Tommy Hilfiger "Dreaming" Commercial Found by Sweet Rus on cyrilguyot.com uploaded by Sweet Rus Tommy Hilfiger "Tommy Girl" Commercial Found by Sweet Rus on cyrilguyot.com uploaded by Sweet Rus all videos can be downloaded on MonaJ.net
  14. awww you added credits and stuff...that brings a tear to my eye *tear* Thanks Ophelia
  15. You should amend this to having lost 1,000 posts, as long as the majority of those posts weren't pointless emoticon replies.
  16. OK, I'm thinking the following is reasonable. If you've lost 1,000+ posts, and you remember what your post count was (or at least in the general vicinity of your post count), and you actually care, let me know and I will adjust it. If you've lost less than that, which I'm guessing is most people, please don't bother us about it. It's just not that deep
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