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  1. If I have time over the next couple of days I will try to restore the post counts of those who really want theirs back to what it was before. However if too many people start asking, it's not going to happen simply b/c it would take too long XD Staff has other things to do too you know
  2. ^^ yeah, it's been saying that hotlinking is disabled for this domain... *sigh* Something tells me this is going to become an even bigger problem :|
  3. Thanks so much Ana Beatriz Barros Fan! It's not the September issue though is it? It says April on the bottom...
  4. Yeah this was a major problem on TFS at one point -- Imageshack banned TFS b/c the boob thread was misinterpreted as porno I think I wonder if that's what's happening here
  5. yeah, the same thing happened to me but I reuploaded my signature and everything was fine *shrugs*
  6. Could someone screen cap it and post it the next time it happens to them? I have no idea what anyone is talking about
  7. Paula Cahen D'Anvers Spring-Summer 2007-08 source: paulacahendanvers.com.ar Here you go Ophelia Immortal Meghan was able to remove the text from the image, but since it took her a bit of time to do it, I've only uploaded the textless version onto MonaJ.net. So if you want it, you can get it from the gallery
  8. me too but that's like my favorite picture of Mona ever so I'm biased I think we have a lot of nice logos to work with. Perhaps we could change the logo every month or so and give many/most of them a chance
  9. The last picture: Who is the girl between Stam and Boyd? Caroline Trentini
  10. I'm sorry, it seems that name has already been taken. Another username perhaps?
  11. Sorry, for some reason I thought it was changed again after the temp one. But this IS the temp one XD My mistake
  12. You're right, the majority probably won't be happy unless it's a VS model, but I do think it's good to shake things up a bit and have a little model diversity. How about a Cintia Dicker logo? Or, how about members suggest some images they would like to see That way the staff has something to work with.
  13. ^ I'm actually not a big fan of it, but I also don't use the default skin, so it doesn't phase me. Hence why I hurriedly said it was fine Obviously, not everyone is going to agree on the logo, but as I said before, if you can give a reason for why you think it doesn't work, that's a lot more helpful than "I don't like it" or "it sucks." We can't please everyone, but at least we can take constructive criticism into consideration and possibly make changes in the future if we see fit ETA: one thing that does concern me about this logo, is that I think we've used it before haven't we?
  14. NOW THATS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Of course you're not going to be banned Thank you for the explanation for why you don't think the logo works b/c that's a lot more helpful to us and maybe we can work to change it now!
  15. The logo looks fine to me. We can't please everyone all the time with the model choice, so if that's the reason you think it sucks, I'm sorry :| If there's another reason you think it sucks, feel free to share that reason. Saying "logo sucks" isn't particularly helpful. It's Mona Johannesson.
  16. ^ Ah, I see what happened. A mod made a thread merged and it merged here instead of General Babe Discussion. *goes to move*
  17. Why/When was this thread moved here? :|
  18. Actually that's ok. On my icon journal, I say you don't have to credit. It's just nice to see someone using it, really
  19. Never. Because we're demons EDIT: Sorry, I haven't been on the default skin in ages and didn't realize that the word Bellazon is no longer there. GO ME!
  20. Completely off-topic but I just noticed, you're using one of the icons I made on LJ I actually like that skin color as well.
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