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  1. Shes really pretty. Thanks everyone!
  2. Ok I cleaned up all the spam reported. Thanks everyone
  3. Can you check now to see if thats what you expect?
  4. Yes it was a bad memory stick. The server has RDIMMs which correct errors in memory but it was correcting errors non stop which I guess was taking all the resources. For the life of me I couldnt figure out what the issue was until I looked at journalctl and saw the errors I kept thinking something happened to nginx or mariadb or something.
  5. Can you guys check now? I *think* the issue may be resolved now.
  6. So this has been driving me crazy. I can see the query in the DB that is causing the issues but I could not, for the life of me, figure out where it was coming from. Essentially its reading 11 million rows to return 1 row to each user. So when you get a lot of uses, say 500 online then you can do the math. Anyways after many days of trying to find it, I decided to reboot the machine. And now I do not see the issue anymore 😐 So hopefully it does not come back. I will keep an eye out but please let me know if you see it pop up again.
  7. Yes we have been having issues over the last week or so. I am still trying to track down the source of the issue. I have dropped/recreated the DB from a backup as it seems that the issue is DB (stats?) related. Hopefully it will be a bit better now, I will keep an eye out. Thanks.
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