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  1. Thanks @Matt! and @ArianaVSCouture They are banned.
  2. @Stormbringer @Matt! done. thanks
  3. Done done and done. Thanks
  4. I had to reindex *all* the posts on BZ which affects that feature as well. It may take a while do to how large the DB is. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be working. Sorry
  5. Strange, looks ok to me Maybe you need to log out and log back in, or clear cache or something? Are you on windows or mac?
  6. Can you please send me a link and I can take a look?
  7. Please see above. We are in the process of upgrading. Can you please let me know if you continue to see the issue?
  8. We were moving to a new server and we had a few small issues along the way. Can you please check now and let us know? If its still broken please include a link so I can take a look. thanks!
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