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  1. @SympathysSilhouette So I found a major bug in my code which caused it to think a lot of images were bad so it didnt download them. I am reprocessing the 300k+ posts that contain imagebam and imgbox first to finish before the 30th. Fingers crossed
  2. Im doing a lot of stuff in the background downloading/uploading images due to the two image hosters going off line in the next few days. Perhaps that is affecting it? Ill take a look once im done with all this other stuff, sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Yup working on it. Already finished 1 million posts (of 4.5 ish million). I will let you know once complete.
  4. Images are downloading now. About 700k posts have been processed in the last 24 hours. Only 3.5million to go
  5. Yup working on it
  6. Pretty sure you guys are making it way to complicated. Just copy and paste the URL and hit enter and thats it. It will automagically embedd it. Unless im missing something.
  7. When you say you click on the thumbnail you are referring to the main thread listing? Or is that inside the new post itself? We currently have it as admins only as if you go a few pages back you will see people complaining that other people were changing the icons.
  8. Thumb change bump
  9. Yea the original file names are kept (well the first 20 characters anyways) when they are uploaded to the BZ server. What do you mean by random ID when uploaded?
  10. We downloaded the images from other sites many years ago, we just need to update the scripts to work with the new bellazon. We will take care of it before it shuts down, so no need to worry (for now )
  11. Thanks for the heads up, ill see what I can do ...
  12. Sorry I didnt understand, you cant access your inbox? Are you on a desktop or ipad or phone? Any screenshots you can provide? Thanks.
  13. thanks everyone for the pics. cute girl
  14. Can you please check now and see if its resolved? Thanks.
  15. @jj3 should be better now.