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  1. There is a script running in the background that detects faces and is cropping just the face. So very soon it will be only faces and all the same size (well as much as a robot can do anyways, then us humans will need to fix the rest). And as you know that if you are logged in you can disable them permanently. Just check "remember me" and that way whenever you browse to BZ it will keep you logged in. Is there a reason you dont want to stay logged in? Unfortunately its a difficult problem to track guests and give them options similar to members.
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  9. Fixed. Let me know if you see any other bugs. Thanks
  10. Sure try reuploading it. In the future we are going to run everything through gyfcat which makes it into HTML5 video (much smaller size) but I have not seen any degradation in quality. Please send me the gif and I can run it through and we can compare the two. Thanks.
  11. Did you get it sorted?