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  1. I think he's pretty great, but needs to choose projects wisely
  2. I meant when Deadpool 2 came out. It was 2018, Disney hadn't bought Fox yet. Now the X-Men franchise is officially dead.
  3. 1st movie was the best, but I liked the 2nd too. Back then, I wasn't tired of superheroes yet and I really liked the same explicit greasy jokes that weren't shown in MCU and DCU. And Disney hasn't bought Fox yet.
  4. Lilja K

    Zac Efron

    Never heard about it
  5. I don't trust remakes, and I certainly don't trust The Weeknd after The Idol. But I would really like to look at Jenna as deranged stalker. And who knows, maybe this movie is actually decent. Even the shittiest movies find their buyers😒 Levinson is lame as usual lol
  6. I thought it was from the 80s😅 One of my all time faves. It was interesting enough for me to ignore the slowness. Although, I speak as a person who has endured the slowness of Too Old to Die Young tv show lol
  7. Love these❤️ May have seen it, but I can't remember This and the ones I don't remember added on watchlist📝 Thanks for sharing, girlie, you never disappoint💯💖
  8. Depends on the movie. I didn't watch many movies from the 70s, but I liked most of what I saw. Some of my faves (besides the ones @Cult Icon has already mentioned): The Deer Hunter 1978 Five Easy Pieces 1970 Network 1976 Chinatown 1974 Eraserhead 1977 The Exorcist 1973 The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Solaris 1972 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975 Alien 1979 Taxi Driver 1976 And even more on my watchlist
  9. Winter Spring Summer or Fall (2024) bts posted by mikaela.kester on IG 📸Caty Gainer
  10. We need the trailer 😋
  11. My friend saw it at the cinema, she really liked it. I'm also going to watch it, depends on the mood, because this genre in general doesn't interest me much.
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