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  1. I know😭 Bella is not very active lately, she hasn't even visited Cannes. I hope that we will see a boom in content after this "lull"
  2. Never get tired of this look 🔥
  3. ⬆️ I saw this news on the social media and tons of comments under the post supported Quentin. So, maybe it's not all bad...
  4. Martin has a different view. He casted 70-80 yr olds Al and Robert as 50 yr old characters in The Irishman lol
  5. There were cases when even 30 yr olds played teens Leo doesn't look like someone who's going to be 50 soon. He looks like in his 40s and to me there's not much difference between a good looking 35 yr olds and a good looking 40 yr olds...
  6. Leo will not be in Quentin's last film (at least not in the lead role) 😔
  7. Lilja K

    Margot Robbie

    Humans only have one ending, ideas live forever😭❤️
  8. It's so good to get Leo's content every day and also look forward to his new movie (for which we also finally got more content) Thanks to everyone for updates🌺
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