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  1. err, well while I do agree that Doutzen has the most supermodel appeal, I feel that I should point out, again, that the cover says absolutely nothing about any of these girls being supermodels, so they don't have to feature models who have any supermodel appeal if they don't want to. As such, the inclusion of people like Coco and Lily is not outrageous at all, even if they're unappealing commercially, because they are in fact doing extremely well in the fashion industry, and that is what a "Top Model" does. The only one who stands out as not being successful (yet) is Chanel. Even Agyness, thou
  2. Don't worry, in my experience that feeling doesn't tend to last very long with most people, you'll be fine! Daffy rules, though. I hate what WB did to him and the rest of the Looney Tunes characters, they are going to kill whatever little there is left of his soul with this: Daffy is suppose to be the third from the right side. I know Daffy Duck. And you Sir, are no Daffy Duck! omg my Mom told me about that show...she's like they turned all the Looney Tunes characters into evil scary beings :| I quote agree.
  3. Sort of a minor point, but the cover doesn't say next SUPERmodels. It says next top models, a category Sasha definitely fits into. She may look like a scary version of Gemma Ward but she's actually a GOOD model in terms of posing and expression, she's Prada exclusive and has been for a while, she's been on 2 Vogue Italia covers in just the last four months (not to mention any of her other covers in the past few seasons), she's been in plenty of editorials, she's got a cosmetics contract with Giorgio Armani, she did 60 shows in the FW07 season, and plenty of shows in previous seasons. There's a
  4. You should probably post a picture so people know what you're talking about Secondly, you have the year wrong, but I'll fix that As for the cover itself, all the choices make sense except Chanel. Freja is missing - it's so glaringly obvious it's painful. I can't stand the girl but she deserves to be on the cover. If you look at it from the perspective of those who have had the most editorials, covers, ad campaigns, runway shows in recent seasons and look at the caliber of those edits, ads, shows, etc. all those girls deserve to be there except Chanel. Eugenia had her shot in 2004. She should
  5. 1. because it's hot 2. Boyd Holbrook + Julia Dunstall 3. Usually when I get tired of it but I don't know, I may never change this one
  6. I see. Well uhh... yeah...nice of you to bring that up...a year and 4 months later :|
  7. Uhh, thanks for sharing?
  8. haha nope I haven't either. And I'd like to keep it that way :|
  9. ^ haha I was thinking the same thing Not a big deal, but if anyone wants to request emoticons, you can do so here: http://www.bellazon.com/main/Emoticons-Defined-t3493.html Try to choose ones that match the IPB emoticon theme (because we like our emoticons to look as similar as possible though we have made exceptions in the past). And know that we may not honor all requests, but it doesn't hurt to ask
  10. I'll change kill to voodoo since that's what's going on in that pic ETA: done. :voodoo:
  11. I'm not beating you with an ugly stick :| I think you've suffered enough.
  12. whoa :| That's odd. Is anything else not working for you or just the emoticons? Also can you see the emoticons in this message or not?
  13. I'm happy that I will be graduating soon even though I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my life
  14. ^hmm I got that error a little while ago...but it didn't last long
  15. haha you know I am capable of adding emoticons right? :|
  16. me too, I love you red_lady Hmm I remember back in the days when we could delete accounts. I had two accounts by accident a year ago and I got Neo to delete one of them because I asked him to. I only made a second account (this one) because I forgot the name of the first and it's password, until I came across it again when reading through some old pages of a thread. ah yes! the good old days right?
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