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  1. hey!

    who is the guy in your avatar? his smile is omfg!

  2. happy birthday :D

  3. Happy Birthday Dufour mate <3

  4. Happy Birthday!!! (Although you haven't been on-line in a long time)

  5. Happy 17th Birthday to Vancouver Girl! ;)

  6. I know you haven't been here since forever, but I still have to say "Happy Birthday" to you because I'm also a JD super fan ^_^

  7. hey!

    let me ask you something.. :P

    who's the guy in the avatar? he's so cute..

  8. at this moment you are on 666 post, scary!

  9. I think it's the June cover, so it should be on stands pretty soon.
  10. Natasha's ad for West Nine is on the pamplet in the West Edmonton Mall. I thought that was cool; she's like, ALLLLLLLLL over the entire mall. It's huge publicity for her.
  11. ^ That pic is so disturbing. Not because she's nude, but because she looks sooo sad.
  12. She's like the less-bony version of Snejana and Inguna. Beautiful girl
  13. Thank you! And you're right -- it's Jeremy Oh nooo! It was? Sorry for the repost, then.
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