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  1. hey!

    who is the guy in your avatar? his smile is omfg!

  2. happy birthday :D

  3. Happy Birthday Dufour mate <3

  4. Happy Birthday!!! (Although you haven't been on-line in a long time)

  5. Happy 17th Birthday to Vancouver Girl! ;)

  6. I know you haven't been here since forever, but I still have to say "Happy Birthday" to you because I'm also a JD super fan ^_^

  7. hey!

    let me ask you something.. :P

    who's the guy in the avatar? he's so cute..

  8. at this moment you are on 666 post, scary!

  9. ILOVETrentini

    Caroline Trentini

    Congratulations, my lovely Caroline
  10. ILOVETrentini

    Doutzen Kroes

    I think it's the June cover, so it should be on stands pretty soon.
  11. ILOVETrentini

    Natasha Poly

    Natasha's ad for West Nine is on the pamplet in the West Edmonton Mall. I thought that was cool; she's like, ALLLLLLLLL over the entire mall. It's huge publicity for her.
  12. ILOVETrentini

    Snejana Onopka

    ^ That pic is so disturbing. Not because she's nude, but because she looks sooo sad.
  13. ILOVETrentini

    Sasha Beznosyuk

    She's like the less-bony version of Snejana and Inguna. Beautiful girl
  14. ILOVETrentini

    Tiiu Kuik

  15. ILOVETrentini

    Natasha Poly

    Thank you! And you're right -- it's Jeremy Oh nooo! It was? Sorry for the repost, then.