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  1. Congratulations, my lovely Caroline
  2. I think it's the June cover, so it should be on stands pretty soon.
  3. Natasha's ad for West Nine is on the pamplet in the West Edmonton Mall. I thought that was cool; she's like, ALLLLLLLLL over the entire mall. It's huge publicity for her.
  4. ^ That pic is so disturbing. Not because she's nude, but because she looks sooo sad.
  5. She's like the less-bony version of Snejana and Inguna. Beautiful girl
  6. Thank you! And you're right -- it's Jeremy Oh nooo! It was? Sorry for the repost, then.
  7. Magazine: Vogue Nippon Issue: May 2007 Title: Couture at the Door Photographer: Horst Diekgerdes
  8. eww she was seen with DJ AM. stammmyyyyy! you can do so much better ):
  9. i think if she got her teeth fixed and worked on her walk she could be really popular.
  10. sorry if reposts. she looks really beautiful in these
  11. Magazine: Vogue Korea Issue: April 2007 Title: Lovely & Lonely Photographer: Alex Cayley credit: voices @ lj.com
  12. sorry for spoilers but.. this weeks photoshoot: their names are in the url. i loved natasha in this one i can't help but like her. she's too cute
  13. Caroline T better be on the cover.. She's had SO many US Vogue editorials. She deserves a cover. I don't think we're ever gonna get the supers back if Anna Wintour keeps putting celebrities like Scarlett Johansson on the cover of Vogue... :\
  14. they show a picture of trentini when introducing stam..
  15. Andi on the Urban Behaviour website I can't wait to see her in stores! I love UB
  16. Magazine: Vogue Italia Issue: March 2007 Title: Everyday Perfection Photographer: Emma Summerton granolafolk @ livejournal.com
  17. apparently she's in a rock band with Mayana Moura and Isabel Ibsen.
  18. I hate to revive this thread but... Nataliya Gotsii... someone needs to take care of her
  19. Agreed. I think Caroline COULD be really popular if someone like Anna pushed her in the right direction, but if she keeps giving her these crap editorials then it just makes people get sick of her. Doutzen has the potential but she needs to make the right choices. I think she's on a good start though because she's got fans but isn't EVERYWHERE. CK will do wonders for her, but she needs to stay in high fashion and not just worry about CK and VS. Actually, I hope she avoids VS until she hits her peak.
  20. hahaha i never didn't like her, i just didn't take the time to look at her pictures.
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