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  1. Anyone ave or remember a video talking about natalia and it's like british modeling agents talking about er story.
  2. Their is some pics of Gisele doing Yoga online. Not from vogue they are more candid style. Anyone have those in good quality? Awesome
  3. Does anyone have this editorial from Elle US, March 2006 called "sexy beach" ... styled by carlyne cerf de dudzeele. It's one of my favourites... i mean who wears all their gold jewelry with mike shorts? http://www.myfdb.com/people/2705/tear_sheets/8
  4. Post Pictures of models with Long Straight Huur!
  5. I'll never know why they cast certain girls and not others. Seems like they are trying to score fashion cred, but it's bad for business. Damn adriana and that body. Like common! I see some girls went and pissed off their make up artist cause ...well ...you know what happens. Enough with the pointing idk who your pointing at... it's not me. All in all seems like it will be a pretty good year.
  6. I was wondering about this after hearing gay male models don't get hired, and it seems to be very true. Why is this is their any out models working? It seems like a lot of them are fooling themselves if you know what I mean.
  7. the old pics of adriana in the white tank top with the long straight hair at the VS event. Is their a video for it?
  8. is their anymore ANYthing about him? ..!!!!!!!
  9. she's pregnant?....who is going to be in the VS show?
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