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  1. wow! from WTF!! beautiful! http://users.pandora.be/peteradriaenssens/...dits/fem009.JPG images over 600 pixels have to be posted as links or thumbnails. edited by neo52285
  2. Beautiful pics thanks to Tarden please text link all images over 600px....edited by Ronin Grave
  3. Candids..thanks to Darina at WTF most people things maja is serious, but she seems quite goofy..cute pic!! and who says models don't eat? with her fellow countrywoman, marija (they are good friends)
  4. NEW!! Maja for Tuleh Spring 2005..does anyone have more pics of this??
  5. thx Evelyn for the notice of another model forum. i went there and all pics in all threads just showed '(posted image)' iinstead of the actual pic. is that what you see also?you have to be a member and signed in for the pictures to actually appear, sorry i should have told you before!
  6. Hey everyone..there is yet another Maja thread on a site, basically the same pics but it would be lovely having people post more!! heres the url: http://s4.invisionfree.com/FSfFM_Forum/ind...p?showtopic=223
  7. I've never actually noticed Valentina before, but she is really amazing!!
  8. Great gatinha, thanx for putting up the chanel ad!
  9. well i wouldn't mind, but you should ask Anastacia because most of the pics are from her site!!! Great idea though
  10. Name: Daniela Pestova Nationality: Czech Ethnicity: Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Blue Date of Birth: October 14, 1970 Place of Birth: Teplice, Czech Republic Height: 5' 11" Weight: Measurements: 34-23-36 Dress size: (Eur) 38 : (US) 8 Shoe size: (Eur) 41 : (US) 9 Born October 14, 1970, and raised in the Czech Republic, Daniela Pestova grew up in the midst of political bedlam. Lucky she came from an upper class family and by the time she was 19 years old, she ended up getting discovered by the Madison Modeling Agency's Dominique Caffin in Prague. Although she had originally plan
  11. The best of Britain http://www.extrawallpapers.com/imagenes/Be...d_beckham07.jpg Image(s) edited for exceeding image size rules by Valmount
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