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  1. all bloody boring (except Kelly Brook), lets ad some spice to this bitch. Here are mine, in no order, Beyoncé, those thighs Brandi Quinones, where are yah!? Heidi Klum, can we just...... Meagan Good, give'us a kiss would yah!? Adriana Lima, shit.... she saw me Ana Beatriz Barros, OUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly Brook, billy zane? are you insane? Noemie Lenoir, just discovered her, damn i'm late Naomi Campbell, pioneer Liya Kebede, your married aahhhh man P.S. I'm tired of seeing that dog Jessica Alba on peoples list. I mean COME ON
  2. it is as if i never existed, huh censorship thats funny i could have sawn i was in the 21st century.
  3. at this moment you are on 666 post, scary!

  4. sorry to draw attention to an old thread, but what on earth were you thinking?
  5. didn't asley cole get found out for cheating on her? if so she kinda deserved it, she cost him Real Madrid
  6. here are more of my favourite ladies, no one can find better looking women then the 6 i've just mentioned (famous anyway, someone in ur personal life might be better but i doubt it )
  7. if the drugs thing is true it's a shame, in some ways i find her more attractive then Noemie Lenoir, must be the lips. I have a "thing" for fuller lips. These are the last of my collection. I doubt she did more than what is already posted.
  8. what ever happened to brandi quinones?
  9. Meagan Good lips are Beyonce Oluchi Onweagba Brandi Quinones Does anyone know what happened to her? Her lips were
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