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  1. Oleg!!!!!! Oleg!!! I'm here!!! I'm here!!!!! Please do not kill me :cry:

  2. Pinky :cry:

    I have really missed you! I'm here to say hello to you. Everything's OK? :)

  3. Hey Matt!

    I'm alive :P

    Such a long time to be here. HELL YEAH!!! How's it going?

  4. I'm doing good :D What about you? You're still struggling for insomnia? :(

  5. Where are you? I'm on MSN now but you're not :cry:

  6. Oh, that's great! If they have a baby, it would be a super hot kid
  7. Anja, Shalom and Freja! :woot: They all look cool at that! Thanks Alexis
  8. She looks so pretty there Spur makes something great every single month! Thanks for the pictures Ben
  9. Thanks for starting Antonio She's growing on me
  10. I like him but he loves me Just kidding! We are just very good friends W - Will
  11. I'm just surprised too that you don't know yet about it U - Uriel
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