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  1. Old friend what's your email/facebook/mode of contact?  I see you were on here semi recently you can't ninja forever.

  2. {name}


    Don't forget Sell Rooney, the vile spud faced Judas / Rooney is indispensable
  3. {name}

    Music of 2013

    Is anyone else watching Coachella live on youtube? Metric and Alt-J at the moment
  4. BB! :D You have 84000 posts now D:

    1. red_ed


      I forgot to add: how are you?

    2. *Bronx_Bomber*


      Hey there ! I'm doing well and hope you are too. Yea, I come by here occasionally to check it out. I guess my post number is pretty crazy. :p

  5. She's spoken for. Don't make me hurt you :knives:

  6. i see you in nina's thread. back off she's mine

  7. {name}

    Music of 2012

    No love for Purity Ring on these lists? I didn't get to listen to much music this year so I won't post a list.
  8. {name}

    Music of 2013

    Dirty Projectors doing a cover of Usher's Climax. Was anyone else aware that Rostam and Ezra were both a part of Dirty Projectors (according to Wiki)?
  9. {name}


    Second last. GRRRR
  10. {name}


    Giuseppe Rossi.
  11. {name}


    Btw I'm good thanks for asking Hopefully I'll be moving to London next year
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