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  1. We may as well fight, I'm not backing up now, may the best fictional ship win. The fun fact about this is that we have better chances to get with Henry than Adriana and Candice, his bitch ass always go for the non-famous kind of girls, it's respectable but it mess with our ships, lol. I would love ToC to expand to lingerie, Candice may be one of the best lingerie models out there but I don't see it happening. :/
  2. I liked Pietro but if they are done... Bitch, then my stupid ship can still happen, Henry Cavill+Candice, lol.
  3. Idk how it works on the States but my entire country is on lockdown rn, like everyone have to be at home, you can only go out to get food or things to prevent the virus. Kids are forbidden to go out now. And most of the people is taking their precautions, why can't rich people do the same?
  4. Candice (and everyone on that beach too) is being really reckless and, honestly, it doesn't sit well on my spirit because there's people out there that live day to day. Should she stop her whole life because there's people that are not as lucky as her? No but stay at home, damn it, her being rich won't stop the virus to get her and to infect someone else.
  5. She's represented by both: The Lions and CAA. I wonder how is that going to go but so far, she seems to be doings really good.
  6. We got like three covers and like for editorials in the past two monts.
  7. She has been doing a lot of editorials lately tho. Excited for the Tommy campaign.
  8. Shw'a fine and she no only knows it, she owns it.
  9. Here is your answer: easy money and a known work enviroment. I'm sure if they ask her to renew offering more or the same amount of money for less work, she's going to accept.
  10. Here is your answer: easy money and a known work enviroment. I'm sure if they ask her to renew offering more or the same amount of money for less work, she's going to accept.
  11. The outfit isn't the problem, the way it was styled is. Maybe with wavy hair and better jewels it would been more glamorous but overall is ok.
  12. Two shows in one day? WHO IS THIS WOMAN? DOES CANDICE HAVE A TWIN? DID THEY SWAP OUR CANDICE WITH A CLONE? Jk, but I'm honestly shocked, she hasn't done more than one show in just a day for a really long time but I'm not complainig, I love this for her.
  13. I hate, haaaaaaaaaaaate everytime Carolina gets of any of the girls face, she always ages them horribly with her make but, she was always great of Bee somehow, but last night the Carolina effect showed. Behati is one of the most fresh faces in the industry and for a make-up artist to make HER, of out of people, look old... Damn, get Carolina out here, please. The rest of the outfit and her hair is great, vintage Gucci is always a good choice. Bee has a good red carpet taste.
  14. I swear everything in her look is great except for the hair. Who's resposible for this? I want that person fired.
  15. I like Dylan's outfit, we have enough plain in, literally, every other male there. Barbara looked stunning last night, 9/10.
  16. I hace mixed feelings about the whole look tbh.
  17. Crossing my fingers for this to be her first time at the Vanity Fair after party and for it to be a good ass look.
  18. Now, I'm not trying to defend VS or anything, I been dragging VS for the longest time but they didn't call Barbara fat. Ed said in an interview that "we have models like Adriana Lima who spend their free time on the gym and there's others that all they do is party" or something ike that and people assumed he was speaking about Barbara. That was created an entire narrative of VS kicking Barbara out because she was fat.
  19. She straight up saod that she wasn't talking about Elsa or Candice, and then she said that that's was a rumor she came to hear around. And Elsa shutted her up herself.
  20. Wait a minute... Monica Mitro filled a harassement complaint against him too? And then SHE was placed on administrative leave? Monica Mitro, THE Monica Mitro, damn.
  21. RETRO CANDICE, LET'S GO. Edot: Tropic of C is selling clothes now as well. The brand must be doing really good.
  22. Real talk, does anyone actually cares about VS Swim anymore? I remeber back in the day we used to make such a big deal about the swim trips and now I feel like we literally don't care.
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