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  1. Behadam is in the inside pages of InTouch...
  2. Instagram Stories. 51401365_243396589924843_8986711074519110127_n.mp4 51357321_116322986118438_8937735587625938412_n.mp4
  3. My bad for the info. I took the things as hint and she didn't show at Franzino's event. Where was she going then?
  4. Taking in count Adam loves Elsa to die and he used a photo of Candice to promote this event and Candice shared videos getting a facial massage and later in a plane I think is a hint. Anyway we must wait but I take those things as a hint that she's going.
  5. There is more info Adam Franzino's exhibition. Source Location is Milk Studios 855 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Ángeles 90038
  6. Surely heading to LA for the Adam Franzino exhibition this Friday. I'm honestly surprised he used her in the "flyer", if we can call it like that, since his whole pages in social networks and own web look like Elsa's fansites...
  7. 1963579380878239631_43114731.mp4 1963577769267239479_43114731.mp4 1963578996512115405_43114731.mp4
  8. A event chair is like a president of an event.
  9. Irina Shayk in the front row of the Jean Paul Gaultier show, Spring/Summer on Jan 23
  10. Irina Shayk spottted shopping at Maison Michel Paris on Jan 23
  11. Marie Claire Italia Editorial "Girls Like You" Ph. David Roemer (Extract from PDF)
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