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  1. 75419910_142195340949265_6111159940692705349_n.mp4 120301207_716963772227967_4313195829409392654_n.mp4
  2. 120312681_966232007211291_5252711479968063071_n.mp4 120269196_339663974122233_5108183957215388215_n.mp4
  3. This is the interview from DivineCandice.com
  4. I wish we had official confirmation from her since VS would never adress it and the mention was like "she's famous for VS" but that's all. I was waiting for more family photos since that's the topic of the editorial but the three ones we had look really good, the one I didn't totally get at all was the blue-purple combination but the rest is such a great editorial. I loved the interview but really wish they didn't mention Hermann at all, I get he's her ex and the babies' dad but they could have simply left it out.
  5. Candice Swanepoel for Harper's Bazaar España by David Roemer. Credit divinecandice.com
  6. Harper's Bazaar Singapore - HQ without text. Credits: divinecandice.com/photos
  7. HQ from British Vogue website. IG ones by Candice:
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