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  1. Candice Swanepoel

    Their look a like is really 😱. I checked and she doesn't have a thread here. I even looked info about her and apparently she's only 19 years.
  2. Candice Swanepoel

  3. Blanca Padilla

    Love this editorial! She looks beautiful 😍 Happy New Year @jj3 and everyone!
  4. Blanca Padilla

    You're welcome @jj3 ❤
  5. Blanca Padilla

    Glamour Spain Awards
  6. Blanca Padilla

    Spanish model Malena Costa shared in her stories these videos of Blanca in the Glamour Spain party whe apparently received an award.
  7. Barbie Blank-Souray

    2018 calendar
  8. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    Here goes mine. 1- Adriana Lima 2- Blanca Padilla 3- Candice Swanepoel 4- Doutzen Kroes 5- Barbara Palvin 6- Gal Gadot 7- AJ Cook 8- Barbie Blank 9- Sara Sampaio 10- Hailey Baldwin 11- Elsa Hosk 12- Lais Ribeiro 13- Alexis Ren 14- Alexina Graham 15- Nina Agdal 16- Josephine Skriver 17- Eva LaRue 18- Alessandra Ambrosio 19- Chloe Grace Moretz 20- Sasha Pieterse
  9. General Discussion

    She should make all more clear now that she has came to post on Instagram. If she doesn't do it the image we all would get is that she's bitting the hand of those who has been and still feeding hers and her. I also noticed that this year her walk in the show hasn't been as active as she normally does. She's changing a lot in a short time. Sounds like in her head all she gets converses to "if I do this he will stay forever."
  10. General Discussion

    Adriana Lima has announced that she will stop showing the body for "empty causes". In a message published in Instagram, the Brazilian model points the finger at the pressure that society imposes on women. She is one of the most valuable "angels" of the North American brand Victoria's Secret and went to parade in "lingerie" which made her career in the world of fashion. Now, Adriana Lima has put an end to "undressing for empty causes." In a letter published on Instagram, the Brazilian top model, 36, said that "women can not continue to live in a world with superficial values" and wants to contribute to that change. Adriana Lima says that the profession she embraced at age 15, when she came second in the Supermodel of the World, forced her to "look a certain way." "I'm tired of impositions. Women can not continue to live in a world with superficial values. It is not fair and, more than that, it is not physically and psychologically healthy that society asks us to be, to behave and to appear. I want to change this. On behalf of my grandmother, my mother, and all the predecessors who were labeled, pressured and misunderstood, "she writes. In a comment accompanying her ad, which is the fourth highest paid model in the world, according to Forbes' recent list, explains that what made her "think" was a friend who told her she was "dissatisfied" with your body. " "The moment I realized that most women wake up every morning trying to fit into the stereotype that society, social media, fashion, etc., have imposed ... I have concluded that this is no way to live.(...) I will not undress again for empty causes. " Adriana Lima, mother of Valentina, eight, and Sienna, five (the result of her marriage to Marko Jarić, completed last year), ends the text with an appeal and a request: "Let's change the world. Sorry if I exceeded the limits. "
  11. Lais Ribeiro

    HQ of Lais at the FB press event via hqcelebcorner.net
  12. Elsa Hosk

    Streetstyle at the Paris Fashion Week - HQ
  13. Josephine Skriver

    Streetstyle at the Paris Fashion Week - HQ
  14. Romee Strijd

    First day of fittings of the VSFS - August 25
  15. Sofia Resing

    VSFS Casting on August 17th (HQ)