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  1. Spanish model Blanca Padilla arrives for the screening of 'Rocketman' during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival, in Cannes, France, 16 May 2019 (HQ)
  2. Alexander Skarsgård at the Stockholm NY Premiere - April 11, 2019
  3. My phone is not showing it in the web.😭
  4. I only saw a new one in the main web.
  5. 56601152_581221439042322_296806443411746975_n.mp4
  6. Noemi tagged Tropic of C in this photo and they liked. A tease of the new collection 👀.
  7. 56701547_365989584018151_2045145591992382745_n.mp4 56531025_393335951480205_1648069410558020392_n.mp4 56217810_2095476193901057_1474398015401573728_n.mp4
  8. Candice via Stories. 56070275_881375052254439_4374303443137918826_n.mp4 56358234_772395876494453_4237119595083940009_n.mp4
  9. In the full set (64 photos) they included pics of this random girl with the same photos we saw yesterday and some where Candice seems to be naked but no fucking idea if Candice knows who this girl is or the other guy who appeared in the set naked. You can see all the set in legion-media.ru She gave me the vibe of an earlier Josephine but didn't say it was her. Maybe some reality star girl and I don't think we'll see them in better quality as the agency bought them literally in this lame quality to the photographer.
  10. That's the girl I was talking about in the above post. Backgrid is selling us that set when is not Candice, no idea why they thought someone would belive is her.
  11. I saw a new set via Backgrid and I'm a bit confused with it. 1) they are in a nudist beach apparently since this new set includes some photos of her naked and other people who anyone knows but Backgrid is selling us as Candice when she's more similar to Josephine in her facial. 2) Candice wears the huge shirt of the stories she shared with Bravin's hat and in other photos the same ripple one piece and Bravin posing. We know is 100% IG posts to promote the brand but why bothering in set up a whole shoot in a place like Tulum when she could have done (if not done already) the new collection?
  12. Videos shared by the guy she was doing yoga with. 56197434_556058708220328_247983828319563331_n.mp4 55979518_126159645192765_4924891402193498675_n.mp4 55887001_1111009079086819_8919161788028513541_n.mp4 55873618_817083365332115_4320781302867617620_n.mp4
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