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  1. It was quite the scathing testimony into the kind of horrid individual Trump is. A simple Google search and a few minutes will confirm this to anyone willing to actually do their homework on him. I shall wait for the multiple investigations currently underway with his financial dealings and the all too well known collusion case to see what skeletons come out of Trumps closet. There is almost NO DOUBT this man will face some sort of prosecution, just a matter of time! Trump is much too compromised of an individual to get away scot-free this time around. Although, we will have to wait after his first term for any prosecution because this man will not have the same variables lining up to give him a 2nd term with what's known and only his cult base is left and they will support him regardless of what he does, no point in trying to meet in the middle with these groups of blathering buffoons... ignorance isn't bliss!
  2. ^ It's actually a very good one considering many are having issues on whether or not she had one to begin with? Plus, they actually complement her figure and dont look like 2 bowling balls or rocky boulders when she is wearing a deep plunging V-neck, bra (push up or not), or any kind of top for that matter. If anything, people like Alexis Ren should of used JoJo's surgeon because he did a dam great job making sure JoJo's boobs at the least looked proportional to her body and not like some kind of tumorous growth
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