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  1. Step aside kid and let go of the keyboard warrior platform. Trust me, it'd be best for you
  2. Re-release??? So they are adding a few pics leftover from the previous shoot that didn't make "the cut". And now suddenly they do soooo charge us AGAIN for what was already done. Ya, not wasting money there Laziness should not be rewarded!
  3. No implants, he's just a troll
  4. You know what, I can agree with you on how we must stop allowing companies to exploit immigrants to work in dangerous conditions for a fraction of the pay. That, and the living conditions you speak of. No individual should be treated in such a way when they are simply striving for a better life. This is a whole other issue onto itself that does not take a way from Republicans have zero substance on immigration reform and the way they vilify these groups. It's clear where you and me stand and I can say we share some views on immigration and other matters but the way we see other portions of this will never align. Until we rid of those who want nothing more then to profit from their position of public service. Take advantage and destroy our institutions. This country is going to sink faster and faster into a pit of despair. Sadly some regions will suffer far worse than others. I use to be on the conservative spectrum when I was much younger but seeing how one party has completely abandon their supposed conservative values make it quite disappointing and I simply can't stand the vile and putrid crap they have been pulling these last many years. I stand by what I say and it's just a matter of time before the masses push back on hate.
  5. Thank you for all the adds @Bettina Saw-Morgan and @Clarence
  6. This whole idea of "sanctuary cities" only came about due to the fact that we had an entire party vilifying immigrants to begin with. This country as a whole should be a beacon of light for those looking to better themselves and the communities they eventually reside in (immigrants add to communities overwhelmingly by the way). And mind you, we've been trying for immigration reform for decades but every time we are up for a vote, Republicans shoot down every proposal. Heck, back when Republicans had all branches off government. They had zero plans or attempts to fix the issue of immigration that they love to calmer over when democrats are in charge yet are quick to put their tail between their legs when it's their turn. I'm not her to say democrats are the shinning beacon of solutions but they've more than tried but obstructionist republicans are always there to squash any attempts. Once again, we all inhabit the same little dusty ball that spins in the middle of space. Trying to label people and bunch them up as some "invading force" does nothing for anyone. We are a globally intertwined community. What happens in one part of the world has reverberation that affect many other parts. Whether it be war, climate change, unforeseen global events. If we try this nationalist approach about just worrying about our own people and saying "the hell with the rest!". We will only add to the inhuman treatment of those seeking help. I wonder, if there comes a time when your region is under duress and no one comes to lift so much a finger to help thy neighbor... you think that's a good approach for humanity? I understand how making this a polarized topic might be great for political parties but is that what you want for people? Help only if you are rich, white, or with connections. Rugged individualism if you're poor, brown, seeking help? There are plenty of resources to help everyone. Let's not make this about liberal this or conservative that. Reality is, we have an entire party who's completely lost all sense of reality and lives in this bubble of hate, conspiracy theories, lies, deceit, and just sheer stupidity to salvage America? I'm sorry but you have to see the written on the wall to know this is all about absolute control at any cost. And it's going to cost Republicans dearly soon enough! I hate the 2 party system we have but I know when one is a sprained ankle that can heal. While the other is terminal cancer that will eventually envelop its host and kill it off.
  7. Simply put, you DO NOT USE desperate people looking for asylum after traveling miles of danger for a better life and use them as a political stunt! DeSantis took nobody at "face value". He pulled this grotesque stunt to further his disgraced political career for his base of minions. Thankfully, the migrants were meet with warm hearts who feed, clothed, and provided resources so these poor individuals who just want a better life like anyone else with a pulse. So you see, what those at Martha's Vineyard did is an example of how you treat those less fortunate, those who are destitute! This did nothing more than prove what a piece of [email protected] DeSantis and his bunch are. You know, for a supposed party who loves to spout Christian values. DeSantis and the Republican party as a whole sure do everything humanly possible to go against the grain of their so called 'holy book' or just being decent [email protected]#king people! In closing, stop thinking of this as "I am rubber and you are glue" antics. You don't play with peoples lives when they are in need of help. We all occupy the same little dusty ball spinning in the middle of space. We would do better to come together as a whole to lift each other up when times are tough. Those who seek to divide us with hate and vitriol are doing so for their perversions of power and control. I guarantee you that all us will need help at one time or another in our life. Imagine the response each and every time was to vilify you as an enemy and spit on your pleas for help. Something tells me you wouldn't like the taste of hate very much.
  8. That's a lot of boobies to be jiggling on your avi sir :D

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      :D  I like your new avatar too, by the way.  :)  

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      Thank you! It was time to get a bit Dioni again after a long hiatus :D

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      Well, the new set definitely looks good.  :thumbs_up: :) 

  9. No worries at all. Why I'm trying to spell out who Ron is as a person much less as a politician. All you need to know is he's as anti-human and earth as you can get. And no comparing Bush to Biden aside from them growing up in the same generational environment. Bush still comes from those who are anti-progress in pretty much every aspect important to life and liberty.
  10. Actually you can He literally took people under false pretenses for jobs, housing, and other forms of social and economic help. He then flew these asylums seekers across the country as political pawns. Of which, one has committed suicide. You're telling me that's pretty good??? Using people who are desperate for a better life, escaping horrendous conditions by traveling countless miles as pretty good??? I understand there are 2 sides to a coin. But in this case there is no way in hell you can defend such heinous actions that are literally playing with peoples lives so he can score points with a political base! I'm sorry but this is maddening and apparently you don't know the real DeSantis... if you did you would be revolted by the guy. He's a classic POS Republican trying to hide behind a veil of religion and privilege.
  11. Ron DeSantis, can't get any more shitty than that... but I'm sure someone will top him soon enough!
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