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Found 13 results

  1. Vivien's Balistarz HEIGHT 165 cm BUST 75 cm WAIST 57 cm HIPS 68 cm HAIR Brown EYES Brown SHOES 38.5
  2. Next Miami Height 5'10 Bust 34C Waist 25" Hips 36" Shoe 9 Hair BROWN Eyes BLUE I: @BRANDYGORDON098
  3. Paris Nichole 24 years old Orlando, Florida, US Height: 5' 4"
  4. I come in peace. Requesting identification with these two models. Thanks in advance.
  5. Dulcedo Montreal Plutino Toronto Elite Miami Mavrick Los Angeles HEIGHT 5'9 BUST 32C WAIST 23 HIPS 34 DRESS 2 SHOE 8 HAIR DARK BROWN EYES BLUE
  6. Dulcedo Montreal Plutino Toronto Elite Miami Mavrick Los Angeles HEIGHT 5'9 BUST 32C WAIST 23 HIPS 34 DRESS 2 SHOE 8 HAIR DARK BROWN EYES BLUE
  7. Anybody out there have any ideas on this one? Thanks
  8. The first time I saw Zsuzsanna was during the swimming events of the 2012 Olympic Games. The commentator said she was a beautiful girl with beautiful green eyes. Her face was hidden by her cap and her bathing glasses, yet she breathed the beauty, the naiad! Ensuite, j'ai cherché à quoi elle ressemblait et j'ai failli avoir une crise cardiaque. CETTE MERVEILLEUSE SPORT-FEMME HONGROISE EST UN BOMBARDEMENT SUPERIEUR!
  9. All of these models appear in the Summer 2018 Lascana catalog. I think the girl in photos 4-6 might be the same??? TIA
  10. So I've noticed while participating in the S.I. Swim thread, the World Swimsuit South Africa, and individual model threads that we all have our personal fantasies about a dream swimsuit issue. So I got to thinking, if we here at Bellazon had our own magazine and made an annual swim issue, what would that incorporate? As if we don't have enough threads to waste time on, I figured I would create this one so we can discuss. Some questions to answer...... 1: MODELS We all have our favorites. So who should be in our Swim issue? They can come from anywhere; S.I., Former S.I., Victoria's Secret, World Swim South Africa, or maybe they haven't had much swim experience at all but you think they would do good in a swim issue. They can be big name models, no name models, whoever! 2: PHOTOGRAPHERS Any photographer is fair game to hire. Who would you want for our issue? 3. LOCATIONS Choose anywhere in the world....where should we shoot our issue at? How many locations would we do for one issue? How many models per location? Would we do a theme (Like the American Road Trip S.I. did)? Again, we've all kind of gone over this here and there, complaining about how much MJ sucks, and how shitty this or that photographer and location is. So I thought it would be fun to have one thread to create our DREAM swimsuit issue. I know @Prettyphile started passing out jobs in the S.I. thread, so maybe we can continue that in this thread. So, Pretty is the boss, she's our version of "MJ" So hopefully we can have some fun with this, if not, feel free to ignore it and let it fall into the depths of Bellazon hell. Have fun & enjoy!
  11. Was wondering who these models were from Amazon.com Swim 2011 by Alexei Hay #1. #2. Here is a link to a video of the photoshoot: Thanks in advance.
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