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  1. i am loving this tour. she looks like she's been losing weight recently. her candid outfits have been cute af
  2. Oh, if some of those girls were invited, Barbs should def be. I wonder if she doesn't have the connections? I love her, but lbr she doesn't really seem like the type to turn down that type of publicity if she had been invited.
  3. As someone who is a recovering from the stereotypical celeb "exhaustion" illness aka adderall (21 years)/coke (4-5 years) addict + ED recovery, that girl's Hashimoto's had nothing to do with it. I have the opposite thyroid problem she does and she's been showing signs of upper addiction/ED for months. She didn't lose that weight through Hashimoto's; it could have contributed to it some but not that drastic - especially with the way she claims to eat. But the last month, she has been looking healthier in the eye area, which tells me she's doing less uppers, or drinking way more water/taking sup
  4. Looked like it was mostly Angels + Karlie who got invited? Or people like Nina Dobrev who go every year to one of the viewing parties. She might not be a big enough name.
  5. Honestly, I can't tell Candice, Romee, and Elsa apart half the time. #allblondeslookalike etc etc
  6. Clearly it worked so well for Abercrombie & Fitch/Hollister! (Though I hear outside of US they fair pretty well). VS thinks the social media models will bring money, but as music and movie sales can show, stars like that simply bring follows, and maybe streams. Sales and tours on the other hand? If VS can't figure out how to change it, I'd start pulling more stocks. They'll be shutting down stores soon enough. But before that happens, I see an overhaul in top positions, bringing in all new people to revamp the brand. At least there's never going to be a shortage of Midwestern
  7. Love the Alberta Feretti. The cape makes her look like a Disney Princess. ? Moschino dress is pretty, but I can hear her clunking down the runway from here. And the hair is giving me "can I speak to your manager" vibes.
  8. Yeah, the larger sizes are mostly neutrals and maybe 3-4 styles. Reminds me of the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO or w/e it was saying his clothes were for skinny people only. That's basically how they feel, they just won't say it.
  9. Lol VS did a big rebrand when I was working there going towards commission. Totally flopped and annoyed the customers. There's an article on Forbes that attributes the Dec 2016 sales plunge to the newest gen buying from cheaper, all-inclusive (size wise), online stores. They can't compete and the fact that the Angels are getting thinner and thinner isn't helping. Plus, I legit cannot tell Candice, Elsa, and Romee apart half the time. Sara is too short and it's time to retire Behati and Ale. Stella, Taylor, Martha, and Elsa can go too. But you know that VS will continue to pander t
  10. She should replace Hailey Baldwin for Guess.
  11. I'm sure it's been discussed a thousand times, but I don't understand why Gigi doesn't see that the problem with her walk is that she steps on her heels rather than the balls of her feet. Such a simple fix that would change everything about her walk.
  12. I'm loving that photo. I hope more from that shoot comes out.
  13. New Sports Illustrated Outtake. Her stretch marks are so beautiful, I think I might cry. I'm in love. ?
  14. My header will never not be funny. 

  15. Stella just doesn't do it for me. Pretty face, but I don't know why they made her an Angel. Tote looks like something out of Target Mossimo Black too.
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