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Anything about BARBARA PALVIN


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Here it is! you can keep on posting your crazy (or wise :p) thoughts about B's love life/tooth/puppy/haircolor/whatever/puke here! 


You can be a blind crazy 'I would even drink her pee' person,or you can be critical about her as well! 

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Barbara needs to stop dating and focus on her career.

Actually I think she was working hard on this! I mean  to date with a very well-known person...but I don't wanna be mean. 


And yes, everything, beyond the rules!

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He will never make her happy.

Hmm, you can not know that! :) But as I saw that instagram video, that Niall posted...wow...those fans will tear up Barbara into little pieces before she can say that Justin Bieber.

Anyway, Niall perfectly fits in the line where her previous bf Kristof, and Justin stand. I know she didn't date with JB, but still... 

I think if she's really interested in Niall, not just the fame what she gets now, they seem a good match. 2 cute goofy! :D

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