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Anything about BARBARA PALVIN


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^ I could argue with that!  :whistle:  Not big! 

But you can make a thread about it! :D


There is a german adage which says how big the nose of somebody is so the same with his johannes but don´t suit it by barbara  :alien:



:D   I am starting to think that it applies to her sex drive though. :ninja:

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Since she was in London she got nearly 20000 new followers on twitter. I am sure she's happy about it. And whether how many more will come?

She must find the next boyband member to latch onto, who will it be? :rofl:


I think she can't raise the bar... first rumour with JB, know this more serious thing with a 1D member...nobody is better than them in that way...


BTW as I remember first she followed Harry...Couldn't make it maybe...as we see


Edit: I unsay it!! I don't wanna be soo mean...

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Oh yeah, I forgot.  I think I saw he was with Daisy pretty recently.  But with Kendall probably more recently.


UPDATE:  He has been dating Daisy for a month.  Kendall is just the side piece.


Wrong, he is with me  :persuazn:  No wanna-bee models are going to have him!

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"The teenagers were introduced by their managers last month."


Luckily our Barbara doesn't need that! ( I am serious, that's quite good for her, that she can make friends so easily) 



They had to meet somewhere.  Was there a story there that I missed?


The quote is referred to K&H.... 

And  Bile met in the summer, they say, I know nothing more...but they also have common friends, like this Alexander DeLeon guy, I think, but not sure

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