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  1. Miss uuuuuu :

    1. CarMELita


      Still missing you :-((((

      Hope everything's well with you, honey :hug:

  2. Your Statler and Waldorf Gif made my Day.

  3. ! penny for a Penny! I hope you are well and just have better things to do with your time than post on the forum but I do miss seeing your byline. (sigh)

  4. Oh, no, I missed your birthday - all the best, my dear!! <3 <3 Missssss youuuuuuuu!! :-*

  5. Penny mammy, happy b-day:)

  6. Thanks for excepting my friend invite:D

  7. Hi Penny, i just noticed that you wrote me a friendly comment in May. Thanks, i enjoy your posts and your sig always brings a smile and a laugh. Keep up the good work, tlp

  8. Rila Fukushima

    ^^ he likes it....... heres some more, from fashion copious
  9. BTW Did I just see you using the f-word in your about-me-page, I can't believe!! 8-)) Thought you might like this:

  10. Ha, I knew you would love the Carmen-Sweetness <3 I did so many avis lately it's hard for me to choose which one to use next :sigh: Hugs&kisssssssses

  11. Rila Fukushima

    rila for rachel roy... via tfs
  12. Rila Fukushima

    got some presents for my liege, baron these two posts found on tfs the girl group edit is fucking killing me.. its so cool