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  1. ^^ he likes it....... heres some more, from fashion copious
  2. got some presents for my liege, baron these two posts found on tfs the girl group edit is fucking killing me.. its so cool
  3. Avast.com download the free shit only. i went from having a virus per week to being clean for over a year!! and you should think about using a different web browser.internet explorer is one of the main reasons people get invaded. added bonus, you never have to see all the annoying pop ups and pics frrom every page u visit. i use firefox, its god tier, and free as well
  4. omg..... your carmen avvy.... i am speechles.

    hugs to you, mein schwester!!!


  5. dont sweat it, love!!! while i was for one second wondering if i had offended you lololol, youre like me in that regard...but i certainly didnt take it personally.left your cash at the machine, eh??hope you got it back...... or kicked the arse of whoever you thought took it *devil horns popping out*

    kisses to you, sexy bitc

  6. this girl is purty for sure, but its not mitzi ive been obsessing over that face for over 25 yrs.... is this a good thing or a bad thing? anyways... mitzis bone structure is cleaner.. a bit more refined. her cheekbones are razor sharp, even back in the mid 80's when she had plenty of baby fat, as you can see from lily's post. and her brows have more natural structure to them.but PLEASE.... if you find pics that even remotely might be mitzi, please post... pics of her are so rare that we need every one we can get!!! @ lilythkid what wrinkles????? amazing posts, as always!! thanks for bring
  7. way to openminded there, minerva! thumbs up to you!! (Y) (Y) some rick genest, just for you!
  8. i think that hes sooo beautiful. i was about to hit you up, LMS for a gif of him... when i find the mugler youtube vid.. ill send u a link. when i see him, the line 'what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?' from the old blake poem comes to mind. FUCKYEAH ZOMBIEBOY!!!!!
  9. aaahhh! thanks, nefertiti dear!! he is scrumptiousness defined!! i found this pic of galliano and alek... and if it wasnt a nekkid pic, itd be my avatar for sure!!! *wiping drooll off chin* lololol found this on a google search WARNING!! bare titties and smooth ebony butt will apppear if u click this link!
  10. the world can never have enough of gorgeous dark eyes/ dark haired models what a lovely girl
  11. She does a bit. She's a more natural, though. ( No surgery. ) i doubt Megan Fox has had much surgery. I think just her nose & ps most of Hollywood has tweeked their nose. hhmmm. nose, lips and tits. that kinda takes one out of the 'havent had much work done' category dont get me wrong, shes gorgeous... but as dannicullen said....shes not as natural a beauty as bruna here
  12. Jeeeezzzz, could she be any more intense?? this girl is amazing. like alyssa millers evil twin *adding this thread to my favorites list
  13. whoa what an incredibly strong, interesting and sensual face she has! shes the smouldering type theres something.. the nose, i think... that reminds me a bit of linda voijtova explains why i think shes so hot. cant wait to see more!!!! thanks for the intro
  14. Anais is my new model obsession. shes so cute, cheeky and sweet/sexy though my son was looking at her and told me she looks like a white girl version of jessica alba.... and now i have a hard time seeing anything else :persuazn: its cool though, i love alba too! for such a young model... she really has a lovely spark of personality in her eyes that many new girls are so sadly lacking found these pics on tfs and fashiongonerogue
  15. ive come by to say hello again.if you ignore me this time, ill have to do something desperate... desperate and kinky

    :ninja: lololol


    hows the sexiest bitch in paris doing??

  16. joelicious, just thought of you..i found a pair of earrings on the net that are made with squirrel feet. its grotesque and awesome at the same time. when i find the pic.... ill send it to u. hows tricks, young man??



  17. aaahhh, now You're the one with the most epic siggy... well played, young man, well played


  18. lololol!!

    yes yes.. you now know where to bring the dark sexy strange shit. in the words of the beautiful sam cooke, 'bring it on home to me'


  19. agreed dark sexy and bloody indeed bloodier the better. i mean, a little pain never hurt anybody, right? :evil:
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