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  1. Madeline Stowe. Love the semi-sheer, cleft look.
  2. No, I found these in the "Vintage Lingerie Catalog Scans" topic on Vintage Erotica Forums. You have to wade through a lot of junk there, but sometimes I run across some Frederique or Jill Goodacre pics which I haven't seen before. Like panning for gold nuggets, it's a lot of work but sometimes you get a reward.
  3. The first one, at least, is new to me.
  4. I love her so much, I even love a camel-toe picture of her. That's got to be a first. Grazia Italia, July 1990, Patrick Demarchelier.
  5. What sexy panties looked like, c. 1963. Nudity.
  6. Incredible. Margot as Sharon Tate ... is almost more beautiful than Sharon Tate!
  7. Natalie Roser, Carmella Rose, Gabby Epstein. Instagram models.
  8. OMG, she's beautiful!! How old is she?
  9. Thanks, Kimflorida and nightowl!. I guess I wasn't looking at the right one of the many pinterest pages this was in. I totally missed Eva back in the day; love her now!
  10. Saw her in some 80's fashion collection w/o name. Reverse image search just leads to pinterest hell. Looks familiar; any ideas?
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