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  1. A nice Cherokee pic I haven't seen before. I don't know where the other one w/ the flute is from, but it's definitely her and so beautiful.
  2. More Ebay. Victoria's Secret Christmas Wish 1988 catalog.
  3. Love the no-bra look in the second row! And her hair in all of them!
  4. That hair-down-and-forward look in the second picture from the left is a different hairstyle on her than I've seen before. Almost 60s-looking. Still beautiful, of course!
  5. Thanks, Kimflorida! I *knew* she was part Indian. Love her!
  6. Indian as in India, that is. I love her, she's really beautiful.
  7. VS fashion show, I don't know what year. Looks like she's wearing the same black slip that Heather is in my sig photo, and looking great in it! So leggy.
  8. Wow, she is so young in that photo! This would have to be spring 1990, so she'd be just 19.
  9. Private Sale 1994 and Resort 1989. Love her.
  10. This sure looks like Rebecca, but I never saw it in VS or anywhere else.
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