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  1. Love seeing her in a full-length gown like that! Thanks!
  2. They want to watch their breasts being kissed, lol! Look up next time if you want to see someone totally absorbed in what she's seeing.
  3. You had to ruin my illusions, didn't you?
  4. My God, have you ever seen hair as long and wavy-beautiful as this in your life!?
  5. Long, blonde, and flying out!
  6. I didn't realize it had been deleted! That's a shame; she was very beautiful in it. So leggy; like a mermaid. Maybe I can search and find another copy.
  7. Marvelous! She's aged superbly! She's still beautiful, just beautiful in a different way.
  8. Shelby is just so gorgeous and sexy! And she always looks like she's having so much fun. The best Sherri Hill model ever!
  9. Mmm, I love evening gown ass! The middle one is my favorite.
  10. Yes, it's amazing how womanly she was at such a young age!
  11. You're very welcome! And for a finale, here's a video of Alex swimming nude underwater, with the "Jaws" theme as a soundtrack. (Don't worry; there's no shark in the pool.
  12. Warning - *nudity*. Her full, beautiful breasts. You have been warned.
  13. I just found out about Alex from editorialsfashion.com. She's beautiful! Here are some non-nude ones
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