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  1. justwastingtime

    Lovely Alyce Paris model with fair skin and dark red hair

    Case closed indeed! Thank you, @Super Identity
  2. justwastingtime

    Lovely Alyce Paris model with fair skin and dark red hair

    Anybody have any ideas who she is? (Just realized that I didn't word this post as a question)
  3. Flawless.She almost looks as if she could be a character from Patrick Suskind's "Perfume" (I haven't seen the movie)
  4. justwastingtime

    Who possesses the finest booty?

    Apologies for inflicting this one on you. I know it's cruel.
  5. justwastingtime

    Who possesses the finest booty?

    I love the jeans look. I think the white one is actually the best.
  6. justwastingtime

    Stephanie Seymour

    I have the paper copy of this "Summer Pleasures 1992", and love it. Speaking of "pleasures". She has such a knowing look here - knowing that she's beautiful, lol.
  7. justwastingtime

    Heather Stewart Whyte

    Cover of Victoria's Secret Between Seasons 1994 catalog. So lovely... As always.
  8. justwastingtime

    VS Model's ID

    Thanks, Kate!
  9. justwastingtime

    Cindy Crawford

    Wow, these are beautiful! Well, it's Herb Ritts, no wonder! Those two were made for each other.
  10. justwastingtime

    Valeria Mazza

    They did fabulous work with Niki Taylor and Rebecca Romijn, among others.
  11. justwastingtime

    Jill Goodacre

    Thanks for all your Jill-mining, @missparker7!
  12. justwastingtime

    VS Model's ID

    Who is this from Summer Sale 1991?
  13. justwastingtime

    Jill Goodacre

    Victoria's Secret Christmas Treasury, 1991. Love this one!
  14. justwastingtime

    Cindy Crawford

    OMG, is that really metal that she's wearing? It's so sexy, I don't know why. Well, it's Versace. It must be heavy.
  15. justwastingtime

    Jill Goodacre

    OMG. Stunning. I've just looked for a higher res version of it, but haven't found one yet. It does follow a key fashion rule: in any topless bikini shot, the bikini bottom must be black.