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  1. Shelby is just so gorgeous and sexy! And she always looks like she's having so much fun. The best Sherri Hill model ever!
  2. Mmm, I love evening gown ass! The middle one is my favorite.
  3. Yes, it's amazing how womanly she was at such a young age!
  4. You're very welcome! And for a finale, here's a video of Alex swimming nude underwater, with the "Jaws" theme as a soundtrack. (Don't worry; there's no shark in the pool.
  5. Warning - *nudity*. Her full, beautiful breasts. You have been warned.
  6. I just found out about Alex from editorialsfashion.com. She's beautiful! Here are some non-nude ones
  7. She has the wrong hair length/style for Jill, and definitely the wrong hair for Suzanne, who was a brunette with Cindy Crawford-like hair. I'm thinking it's Elaine, who was on plenty of covers too, and had strawberry-blonde hair in that era.
  8. Any ideas? I know we're going way back in time here
  9. Victoria's Secret Autumn Preview 1989
  10. She looks lovely! I always did want to clone Cindy. Looks like I've gotten my wish!
  11. Cover of VS Summer Sale 1989. Looks bra-less, and you usually don't see that in a VS pic (covered topless pics aside of course!) Beautiful Jill; she made the VS brand what it was.
  12. My fantasy: that he hadn't crashed (obviously), and that he married Cindy Crawford and they had several children together. Can you imagine? The two most beautiful people with the most beautiful brunette hair. Their children would have been incredible.
  13. A nice Cherokee pic I haven't seen before. I don't know where the other one w/ the flute is from, but it's definitely her and so beautiful.
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