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  1. The issue can be downloaded here: https://issuu.com/schon.ch/docs/2308_schonswitzerland-metaschon-4-digital-issuu But aside from the posts on Ale's instagram, I have yet to find any more photos.
  2. Marsnoop


    In this case those two particular photos are part of her latest Schon Switzerland editorial, but generally I think if you can’t identify what she posts on social media then Misc is also the best option.
  3. Marsnoop


    @TheDude2k thanks so much for your contributions! But can we try to keep these threads a bit more organized, it makes it easier to search for stuff. It's pretty obvious those last two images don't belong in the candids section.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cw4yxhYNICI/
  5. Was she inspired by Lisa Rinna? That haircut style is hideous.
  6. Marsnoop


    Ale shot yesterday for the Eterne e-commerce collection (previously they shot with Miranda Kerr and Georgia Fowler) with Naj Jamai (same photographer as her ReDone ads) makeup by Sabrina Bedrani hair by Laura Polko styled by Chloe Bartoli.
  7. @BARBORAwell the good news is that there are 20 images. But unfortunately @radolgcthat’s it.
  8. I think it's saying the issue is 242 total pages
  9. Marsnoop


    Ale had a story she posted on Saturday getting her makeup done by Jo Baker with a bunch of her brand's, Bakeup Beauty, products but then she deleted it after 2 hours. Perhaps it was a shoot?
  10. That video proves what made VS spectacular in the past, the girls UNDERSTOOD how to move their bodies and sell sexiness. Look at EmRata in that video, she’s just standing there. Of the new girls I actually think Paloma tried to do the best, the rest are literally doing nothing for the camera. You compare this to the old what is sexy videos and you understand perfectly what VS tried to do here. They just don’t make them like they used to.
  11. The same company that took like a decade to give her her first fantasy bra and only had her open the show once? I know a lot of the same creatives and management team is gone, but the brand doesn’t have a good track record of valuing Ale.
  12. I'm pretty sure that article confused Bogota and Barcelona. We know for a fact a ton of models (EmRata, Paloma, Hailey, etc.) were all in Barcelona shooting for that VS show.
  13. If anyone has an account you can access the digital issue here: https://www.pressreader.com/mexico/vogue-mexico/20230718/details
  14. Her 18th Vogue cover! Leaked early. Personally I’m a little underwhelmed due to the basic styling and shadows on her face, it’s poorly lit. But I will take a new Ale cover whenever I can get it. source: the fashion spot
  15. Marsnoop


    Ale's Vogue cover should be coming out next week, and I'm pretty sure it will also coincide with her new GNP Seguros campaign (shot by Morelli Brothers in LA). A few new shoots she also has: -PatBo shot in Miami by Jerome Duran hair by Dimitris Gianettos -Shot in Paris by Ellen Von Unwerth Hair by Eduardo Bravo -I believe she had a mystery shoot where she was at the airport but we never saw any stories or posts about it -Shoot in Antalya Turkey with her usual team (Makeup: Carolina Gonzalez; Hair: Giannandrea; Sylist: Heather Smith) which leads me to believe it's a commercial campaign and not editorial
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