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  1. I watched an Instagram live where Ale mentioned that she asked the design team in 2009 to switch from the yellow outfit that Maryna wore to the pink one because her arms were constricted with the yellow one and she wanted to use them in the opening . . . choices . . .
  2. That Wyoming shoot by Ruven is a FAR CRY from the glorious 2004 shoot by Walter Chin with Ana BB that I still remember to this day. Who are the people re-touching these photos so terribly and why?
  3. 💯 💯 She reminds me so much of Jerry Hall
  4. How is she almost 40?!
  5. Does she still model or is she just an influencer nowadays?
  6. Would any kind soul happen to have the photos that no longer have available links?
  7. {name}


    @ArianaVSCouture Once again you're my absolute favorite! Question, do you have access to Ale's runway work for Tommy Jeans Fall/Winter 2000? Here are small pics from Firstview.
  8. 100% to me even the last recognizable Angel group to me was Candice, Behati, Rosie, Miranda, and Doutzen. Those were girls that VS made into stars. And I wish Rosie and Miranda had stayed a bit longer to really cement that. I feel like Emanuela de Paula also would have been a fantastic addition with those girls, and that would have been the clear successors to usher in the new decade as the top angels as Adriana/Ale/Heidi/Tyra/Gisele had done before. I feel like the VS executives were dumbstruck that Rosie and Miranda left as soon as they did and that pushed them to hold onto Ale and Adriana a bit longer for that superstar status. But no idea why they never developed Doutzen as much as Candice. I'm guessing because Doutzen never had as restricted a contract and wanted to do more things besides VS, but to me these girls were the last recognizable and meaningful angel faces. The angel brand started being watered down when they added Izabel and Selita who became angels right away without any VS work, and Marisa (who was great at catalog but had no place in the show). Then they went and hired Erin H, Chanel, Lindsay Ellingson, and Karlie who were all fantastic in HF, but again not really the VS type. They just didn't really live up to the title, and by the time Romee/Stella/Martha/Elsa were being added I could barely tell any of them apart. Even if I liked Taylor and Sara, I just wasn't that invested in them as angels because there was no point to being an angel. No 3 outfits, wings, segment openings.
  9. The brand is absolutely finished: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/01/business/victorias-secret-razek-harassment.html
  10. L Brands is looking to sell off VS . . .
  11. She joined CAA with Adriana, Candice, and Rosie. https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/exclusive-alessandra-ambrosio-signs-caa-1203455493/
  12. {name}


    Thank you @ArianaVSCouture! Do you happen to have any pics from her Baby Phat Spring/Summer 2002 show in NYC? Or the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show in 2000 I think it was spring summer season as well. Do you also have access to any of the Brazilian shows? Thanks in advance, appreciate all the work you do!
  13. I really don’t understand where the problem is and who to blame. I mean when she is working with the right photographers/editors/stylists she produces magic. Just look at her latest Harper’s Bazaar Arabia cover + editorial, it’s STUNNING. But most of the time it’s her and Stewart Shining in Malibu and yeah the results are basic AF. Sometimes I blame her for being lazy or not ambitious enough, but every time she gets the opportunity she flies and does the work so I assume the requests aren’t coming in. The only two fashion supporters she’s had in the past decade were Katie Grand who hasn’t worked for her in forever and Olivier Rousteing (and I’m okay with that since Balmain popularity has decreased). It’s true Ale doesn’t seem in the inner circle of that friend group with the top models, editors like Edward Enninful, designers like Riccardo and Donatella. Just look at Irina’s career it was due to networking and famous boyfriends. My fingers are crossed that a new agency will do something for her but I grow fearful that she’s getting older and she hasn’t quite gotten that icon status that she deserves.
  14. How many Elle France covers has she been on?
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