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  1. Hi guys, Could this be Diedre McGuire on La Redoute 78 catalog cover ? TIA
  2. Oups... Sorry, didn't see the full conversation 🙃
  3. Looks like French actress/model Sophie Duez
  4. Hi there Any idea for this one (from French mid 80s catalogs) ? TIA !
  5. Hi, My bet for the girl in the first pic is Angy Koch, model active late 70s early 80s. How does that sound ?
  6. French model active in the 80s, out of the business for a while, and recently back as a 50+ model... and still beautiful !
  7. A short update from La Redoute SS83:
  8. Dear all, Could this be Laetitia Firmin-Didot in SS83 La Redoute catalog ? TIA
  9. These I don't know where they come from
  10. Some other pics from La Redoute catalogue
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