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  1. I'm afraid the site is definitely down
  2. Don't know her name, but I know her from French La Redoute catalogue AW80/81. Here is what I have (pics 2 & 3 of your set) Where do your other pics come from ? Any chance she's Billie Woods ?
  3. I've got more but I need to explore my HD
  4. Thanks a lot @BlueAcadia. Maybe I'm mistaken with Julia Villahermosa herself... Is the first pic from modelcomposites.com, and coming with a name attached?
  5. I don't think she is Francesca, who worked a lot for fashion catalogs in the 80s under name Julia Villahermosa.
  6. OMG you are all amazing ! Thanks a lot @Martial @BlueAcadia @[email protected] Queen
  7. aka as Caroline Tresca
  8. Hi there ! Is this Ericka Lawson ?
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