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Mickey Monroe is an international fashion model from the 1980s, 1990s and is still a popular model today!!  She was with modeling agencies Syncro (London), Storm (London) and today she is represented by Grey Model Agency (London): https://www.greymodelagency.com/mickey

"Mickey started modeling at the tender age of 17, and soon earned the name Baby Face because of her cherub-like features. She featured on teen magazines covers like Honey and Blitz and her bleached blonde hair and edgy look made her stand out from other models; she was and still is gorgeously unique. After modeling she travelled, married and had three lovely sons, before successfully re-inventing herself as the Commercial Director for a handbag company. Clearly still too young at heart though, Mickey eventually took redundancy - “I couldn’t stand the idea of going into work on a Monday and wishing it was Friday”, With that same fearless attitude, Mickey took the bull by the horns and walked back into her former modeling agency Storm, convincing them that they needed her back! Seeing she was absolutely right, they duly re-signed her. Sitting with Mickey you can’t help but want to look as amazing as she does; she oozes the ultimate cool look effortlessly. We have no doubt that she’ll be in huge demand, “I still feel 21, and we shouldn’t be seen as wild, we should be seen as normal!”, she told us. We love Mickey’s philosophy, encompassing everything in which Beautiful Thinking believes. She wants women to stop being sold an impossible dream; “just because you feel amazing, maybe you don’t look amazing, and just because you look amazing doesn’t mean you feel amazing”. She describes this time in her life as a “crusade’, and we have no doubt she’ll succeed."
Excerpt from the Beautiful Thinking Blog:  https://www.beautiful-thinking.com/blog/mickey-monroe



"Meet Mickey Monroe...

Excelling as a model and a businesswoman. A multifaceted force of nature. Mickey is dismantling all preconceptions, and life is ever more exhilarating as she sits in the driving seat and masters her own success. From Glasgow to London aged 17, Mickey worked as a successful model in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, New York and London. In this high octane playground, she fronted the covers of iD Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and the closing copy of iconic magazine Honey; and graced fashion campaigns shot by Toscani, Sacha, Steve Hiett and Jacques Olivar, to name but a few. It soon grew into a diverse career within the fashion industry both behind-the-scenes and beyond, from assisting photographers Eddie Monsoon and Grant Fear, to starting her own fashion production company with her then husband. Working for designer streetwear brands and clients Maharishi, Silas & Maria, Addict and Vans, would be Mickey’s gateway to working in High Street Fashion Brands.Working within various departments across prominent fashion companies including ASOS, Miss Selfridge and Topshop; she developed not only her working knowledge of the fashion business, but excelled in the field, taking on a commercial director role in her last major position in a handbags and accessories brand. But turning fifty provoked Mickey to reflect on her work, and more importantly, to contemplate her future." 
Excerpt from the This Girl is on Fire Blog:  https://www.thisgirlisonfire.com/partner-directory/mickey-monroe-active-pada/



Height: 5'8" /1.73
Hair: Light Blond
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Scottish (from Glascow)

From Peter Marlow Press Composite Cards:
MMComposite.thumb.JPG.16cb3aec8f1a9edbf4bbed010f54b20a.JPG MMComposite.JPG1.thumb.JPG.154e493117ea22ed5b5fcfe374cc83b9.JPG MMComposite.JPG2.thumb.JPG.1cb731b7b7f86f32edee6f225dfb372b.JPG MMComposite.JPG3.thumb.JPG.3bc603fa763f6858904962001f3da605.JPG  MMComposite.JPG4.thumb.JPG.21b1bc0837f3b108185a5e038c14a535.JPG

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