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    I wrote the below a hundred years ago when I first joined Bellazon, and it's too adorable for me to delete it...

    "I love fashion, but my main passion is models. <br /><br />I'm a member over at TFS, but I decided to register over here since my interest in supermodels like Christie Brinkley, Steph Seymour, Gia, Tiegs, Crawford, etc. etc. has really grown lately and I think the threads for these models are much stronger over here at bellazon :)<br /><br />My favorite model working today is Jessica Stam. I also adore Lara Stone, Maryna L, Edita, Eniko Mihalik, and Zuzana Gregorova. I probably wont visit these girls threads too much on bellazon though <3<br /><br />My favorite model of all time... Gia Carangi.<br /><br /><br />OTHER INTERESTS:<br /><br />Literature ( Faulkner, Joyce, Kerouac...), the 70s, Balmain, Gucci, writing, rock music ( from Presley to Nirvana.) <br /><br />xXx"

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  1. God, I hadn't thought about Bo in ages when I stumbled on this thread today 😄 Sure it will surprise no one that he's still mega handsome...
  2. Hi there! This is Lewis Jamison 😊
  3. 😘 He is included in the recent update I did on H&M in the sticky thread 'Catalog Models'... His name is Claus Royo 💖
  4. Hey @StrangerThangs! This is Jamie Carter at SUPA
  5. Yes, that's Aaron Rhodes Well spotted, @StrangerThangs
  6. ^ Oh wow! That looks like one of Kelly's best photoshoots
  7. And some portfolio updates on Jamie... Credit: Ford Models, Storm Management, DT Management
  8. Hi Remington Smith! Other than Josh holding the pillow, you've got Sean Andrews and Jamie Jewitt up on either side of Karen and on the ground is Jeremy Satucci and Vladimir Ivanov.
  9. Mat 💖 What an amazing career he had, both in terms of who he worked with, the quality he produced, and the length of time he modelled... I think the fact that there is that sense of him "disappearing" or not meeting his full potential in the industry is just testament to the extraordinary longevity he was expected to have... and when you take into account all he was dealing with mentally at the time he was working, and what he managed to produce regardless, it says a lot about the strength he has as a person. He definitely could have been up there on model.com's Icons list today if things had
  10. Some more of young Larry, shared by Alessandro Calascibetta on instagram...
  11. Self portraits from Larry's beautiful instagram account... https://www.instagram.com/larrypaulscott/?hl=en
  12. A Portrait of Dorian Gray by Karl Lagerfeld (2004) Some repeats as varying quality. One of my all time favourite pieces of work by Larry, which I'd love to have my own copy of. Courtesy of Diepresse.com and cafleurebon.com.
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