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  1. Very good incentive & initiative & so relevant guaranteed!✈
  2. Still contemplating this actual question!✈
  3. And one other important thing missing on location at male model photoshoot is a Barber image is so important especially when your representing or a very substantial advertising campaigns!✈
  4. My passion is male models but I only ever follow the best and so far vindicated guaranteed!✈
  5. I'll only want the best for male models and my greatest wish is that one day they can hold there own against the opposite sex on the catwalk & i& even elevated to a higher level in the money stakes like for example the first male to make highest amount in the history of the modelling industry & just imagine the model agency that discovered him !✈
  6. I'll be honest I really don't know why am replying to this topic and to be blankly honest I only rate the males models that are going to be very prosperous for High class designer brands & Advertising campaigns guaranteed!✈
  7. Hi stamaoholic just curiosity who's your favorite male model!✈
  8. Hi stamaoholic thanks for quick * informative response greatly appreciated take care thanks Remington Smith!✈
  9. I'll be interested to know who is your favourite male model fashion wiz!✈
  10. I commend you on your excellent compilation of male models in your Bellazon account some real hot commodities!✈
  11. Who were the male models that took part in this interesting depicted artistic photoshoot !fashion wiz you've got a very cool title for your Bellazon account havnt you well done on imagination!✈
  12. No sorry someone from this platform should be able to assist with your inquiry!✈
  13. Very stylish patterns @ designs from this designer brand & designer!✈
  14. Looks a bright prospect on the horizon guaranteed!✈
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