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    Gisele Bündchen!

    “Some people start modeling because they want to be models and they want the parties and the recognition, and then there are people like me. I come from a simple family, and for me getting into modeling was a chance to make money and create a business” – Gisele Bündchen.

    “Gisele is transforming the definition of supermodel. And it’s wonderful to sit back and watch.” - Anna Wintour

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  1. Thank you Gisele for what you've brought to the runway and modelling industry, Can't believe the moment finally arrived, farewell to the runways, hopefully she does it again in 5-10 years, a catwalk comeback
  2. Can't wait for what's coming in the next months!
  3. gustavsson


    It was so bittersweet seeing the Colcci show, I had a lot of mixed emotions, I really hope this isn't the last of her in the runway. And if we get to see her again in 5 years or 10 making a comeback for the catwalk, I'll be waiting for that moment. Thank you Gisele for your work ethic, I'll miss you on the runways but we still got covers and ads plus your social work.
  4. So in love with that Gentlewoman ed!!!
  5. I'm very excited for that Vogue Brazil issue now!!! And any chance about a Vogue US cover? September would be a dream come true!
  6. I would love if Gisele would do a full fashion week like back in 01/02 now but I think that's just wishful thinking because of where she is now. I just love her on the runway, her presence is mesmerizing everytime she does it and I'm always anxious for her next move!
  7. Apparently the shirt she wore to the Super Bowl sold out the day after!! I remember seeing an article online by E! Edit: I just saw miche linked it before
  8. I love them so muchhh #relationshipgoals tbh
  9. 20 years and still on top of her game. There's no stopping her and I couldn't be happier about it!
  10. Hello everyone!! I'm glad to be back, will try and post more stuff on here Gisele's editorial work is starting very strong this year! 3 covers and it's only March, I can't imagine what's in store for us! That last ed is amazing, so subtle yet very powerful. And the Vogue China editorial is just femenine amd lovely, the photo with the white dress as well as the two page photo of the scarf thing is so Hermes imo!! The Vogue British has been done before but it's nice she's got the cover (Good PR on part of the British Vogue team, releasing it after the Superbowl win )!
  11. Day-hum, looking great Gi!
  12. gustavsson


    omgg, yes! two more days :D:D:D
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